WWE 2K24 Soundtrack
WWE 2K24 Soundtrack

WWE 2K24 Soundtrack. Unleash your inner champion with WWE 2K24, the latest installment in the popular wrestling video game franchise! This year, prepare for intense matches, iconic moments, and a soundtrack that packs a punch with its diverse mix of genres.

The Game Mode Mystery. While 21 matches are confirmed for the Showcase mode, 18 remain shrouded in secrecy. Fear not, fellow WWE fans! We’ve compiled the complete soundtrack list to ignite your anticipation for the grand reveal.

12 Tracks to Fuel Your Fury. Immerse yourself in 12 genre-bending anthems, including:

WWE 2K24 Songs List

  • Post Malone – Chemical;
  • Post Malone – Laugh It Off;
  • 100 gecs – Hand Crushed By A Mallet;
  • Busta Rhymes – Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See;
  • Colter Wall – Motorcycle;
  • Grimes – Genesis;
  • Militarie Gun – Do It Faster;
  • Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Big Rig;
  • Speed – Not That Nice;
  • Turnstile – Mystery;
  • Tyler Childers – House Fire;
  • Yeat – Bëttr 0ff.

Who is the WWE 2K24 Soundtrack composer?

Wrestling meets music royalty in WWE 2K24! Acclaimed artist Post Malone curates a genre-bending soundtrack for the game, featuring his own hits like “Chemical” and “Laugh It Off” alongside diverse tracks by Busta Rhymes, Colter Wall, Grimes, and more. Get ready to unleash your inner champion to the sounds of hip-hop, pop, rock, and beyond, while Post Malone himself enters the ring as a playable character! It’s a celebration of music, wrestling, and unforgettable moments.

WWE 2K24 Game Music Soundtrack 2024
WWE 2K24 Soundtrack – Credits: Playstation

Crafted by a Superstar. The soundtrack mastermind? None other than Austin Richard Post, better known as the acclaimed rapper and singer, Post Malone. His signature blend of hip-hop, pop, R&B, and trap sets the tone for an electrifying experience.

Listen Up. Experience the full soundtrack on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Superstar Musician Joins the Fray. Get ready to throw down with playable character Post Malone himself! This unique addition brings a whole new level of excitement to the game.

Immortals Mode Celebrates 40 Years. Witness legendary matches throughout WWE history as the Immortals mode returns to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Prepare for nostalgia, drama, and epic clashes!

WWE 2K24 Trailer:

Legacy | WWE 2K24 Official Gameplay Trailer | 2K
WWE 2K24 Soundtrack

Get Ready to Rumble. With its diverse soundtrack, iconic moments, and unique playable characters, WWE 2K24 promises to be an unforgettable experience for wrestling fans and music lovers alike. So, gear up and prepare to enter the ring!

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