Life and Beth Soundtrack Season 2 (2024)
Life and Beth Soundtrack Season 2 (2024)

Life and Beth Soundtrack Season 2 picks up with Beth and John’s relationship blossoming, leading them to explore the possibilities of marriage and family. However, Beth’s past traumas and communication issues resurface, creating challenges they must navigate. Expect heartwarming moments mixed with relatable anxieties as Beth grapples with self-discovery and personal growth.

Amy Schumer reprises her starring role as Beth, along with Michael Cera as John. The core cast, including Violet Rylance, Susannah Flood, and Maya Kazan, also return. Newcomers include Michael Cyril Creighton and Roseanne Barr, adding fresh dynamics to the mix. Jennifer Coolidge makes a quick appearance as a psychic.

Episode 1 Songs: ‘Trust Me’

  • Vegetables – The Beach Boys
  • Fire Door – Ani DiFranco
  • I Wonder – Blind Melon
  • I’m In the Band – Bratmobile
  • Oh S***t – The Pharcyde
  • One Margarita (Margarita Song) – That Chick Angel, Casa Di & Steve Terrell
  • A True Love – David Lavaysse & Laure Darves Botton
  • Listen To The Band – The Monkees

Episode 2 Songs: ‘Who Dat?’

  • Drama – 79rs Gang
  • Get Down Low (feat. Patty Monroe) – Daniel Lobel

Episode 3 Songs: ‘Nothing Can Get Me Down’

  • You Rascal You – Hanni El Khatib
  • Can’t We Be Friends – Ella Fitzgerald
  • Here And Now – Letters to Cleo
  • Down On The Town – Cromwell
  • Life Is Like A Ball Game – Katie Webster & Rockin’ Sidney
  • Your Gravy Train – Claude Shermack
  • You Had Time – Ani DiFranco
  • There’s No Home For You Here – The White Stripes

Episode 4 Songs: ‘This Soup is Gonna Be Good’

  • Peace Like A River – Paul Simon
  • Thirteen – Big Star

Episode 5 Songs: ‘Claire’

  • Rewind (Echo Mountain Sessions) – Sylvan Esso
  • Steal Away – Robbie Dupree
  • Mine Forever – Lord Huron

Episode 6 Songs: ‘The Work’

  • Eternal Flame – The Bangles

Episode 7 Songs: ‘That’s What Friends Are For’

  • Give Love Another Try – Claudette McLean
  • Genevieve – Cymande
  • I Enjoy Being A Girl – Peggy Lee
  • Lotta Love – Neil Young

Episode 8 Songs: ‘Shower’

  • S.O.B. – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
  • Why Don’t You Go Home – Diane Ward & The Kevin Fingier Collective
  • How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart? – Norah Jones

Episode 9 Songs: ‘Toxic’

  • Toxic (Britney Spears Cover) – The Chapin Sisters
  • Every Time the Sun Comes Up – Sharon Van Etten
  • The Next Messiah – Jenny Lewis

Episode 10 Songs: ‘Road to Nowhere’

  • Wish I Could Cross The Sea – Daughter
  • Even True Love – Widowspeak
  • I Was A Lover – TV on the Radio
  • Road to Nowhere – Talking Heads

Life and Beth Music Series Season 2 (2024)
Life and Beth Soundtrack Season 2 (2024)

Expect to revisit Beth’s younger years through flashbacks, shedding light on her past experiences and shaping her present choices. Prepare for moments of poignant reflection and comedic nostalgia as we delve deeper into Beth’s journey.

The series original season featured an eclectic mix of indie, pop, and classic rock tunes. Season 2 will likely follow suit, reflecting Beth’s emotional state and evolving relationships. Imagine introspective melodies accompanying intimate moments and upbeat tracks soundtracking moments of joy and self-affirmation.

Life and Beth Season 2 | Official Trailer | Hulu
Life and Beth Soundtrack Season 2 (2024)

While specifics remain under wraps, Hulu‘s Season 2 promises to be an emotional rollercoaster ride filled with laughter, tears, and personal growth. Get ready to witness Beth navigate the complexities of love, family, and self-discovery in her signature relatable and sometimes messy way.

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