Apartment 404 Soundtrack (2024)
Apartment 404 Soundtrack (2024)

Apartment 404 Soundtrack. A South Korean mystery drama series that premiered on February 23rd, 2024. This reality-based show takes viewers on a thrilling journey through a secret-filled apartment, where six unsuspecting residents find themselves entangled in a web of enigmas and hidden truths.

The diverse cast, boasting renowned celebrities like Yoo Jae-suk, Cha Tae-hyun, Oh Na-ra, Yang Se-chan, BLACKPINK’s Jennie, and Lee Jung-ha, adds another layer of intrigue to the narrative. Each character brings their unique personality and skillset to the table, forming an unlikely group united by their curiosity and determination to solve the apartment’s mysteries.

Apartment 404 Music Episode 1

  • The Whisper of Forest – SURAN
  • Poison – Uhm Jung Hwa
  • You & Me (Coachella ver.) – JENNIE
  • Road Fighter – SECHSKIES
  • An Amusement Hall – Han’s Band
  • The New Yaacov – Ido Maimon
  • Invisible Love – Shin Seung Hun
  • 늑대와 함께 춤을 – Im Chang Jung
  • 상록수 – 양희은
  • Avengers – Jaejin Lee
  • Ya Ya Ya – 베이비복스
  • Oh My Love – S.E.S.
  • 애인이 생겼어요 – 터보
  • I Love You – Cha Tae-hyun
  • Love Is… – TURBO
  • 할 수 있어 – NRG
  • Run With Me – Sanghyun Park & Ahn So Young
  • 내 낡은 서랍 속의 바다 – Panic

Apartment 404 Music Episode 2

  • On Mar 01, 2024

As they navigate through the meticulously designed apartment, strange occurrences and cryptic clues start to unravel. Whispers of past events, hidden passageways, and seemingly ordinary objects imbued with deeper meaning keep the residents on their toes. The plot thickens with each episode, pushing the characters to confront their own fears and delve into the apartment’s unsettling history.

Apartment 404 Music Series Soundtrack (2024)
Apartment 404 Soundtrack (2024)

Collaboration and trust become crucial as the residents piece together the puzzle. They must overcome their individual differences and learn to rely on each other’s strengths to decipher the apartment’s secrets.

The series explores themes of human connection, self-discovery, and the courage to face the unknown, offering viewers not only a captivating mystery but also introspective moments.

Apartment404 | Official Teaser 2 | Amazon Prime
Apartment 404 Soundtrack (2024)

With its unique blend of reality, mystery, and character-driven K-drama, Amazon Prime Video‘s “Apartment404” has captivated audiences in South Korea and beyond. The show’s suspenseful atmosphere, coupled with the performances of its cast, keeps viewers glued to their screens, eager to unravel the truth behind the enigmatic Apartment404. So, if you’re looking for a show that will challenge your mind, tug at your heartstrings, and keep you guessing until the very end, then “Apartment404” is definitely worth checking out.

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  1. This post is really helpful. Though, can someone help me find the music used in apartment 404, episode 3? played at 48:30 min. Thanks a lot!

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