Dead Hot Soundtrack (2024)
Dead Hot Soundtrack (2024)

Dead Hot Soundtrack. Series Songs and music from and inspired by Dead Hot OST. Dead Hot soundtrack from the Amazon Prime Video show.

A brand new British series from the mind of Charlotte Coben (known for “The Stranger” and “Stay Close”), is set to premiere on March 1, 2024, exclusively for Prime members in the UK and Ireland.

This intriguing series blends the genres of comedy and thriller, promising a captivating journey for viewers.

The story revolves around Elliot and Jess, a couple navigating the complexities of grief and self-discovery. While they attempt to move forward, their eccentric grandmother, Francine, throws a wrench into their plans with her constant interference and disapproval of their more carefree lifestyle.

This unique family dynamic adds a layer of humor and potential conflict to the narrative.

Created and written by Coben, “Dead Hot” is also executive produced by Nicola Shindler, known for her work on critically acclaimed shows like “It’s A Sin” and “Happy Valley.”

This collaboration between talented individuals sets the stage for a compelling and twisty series that promises to leave a lasting impression.

Dead Hot Soundtrack: Episode 1 Songs

Dead Hot Soundtrack: Episode 2 Songs

  • Baby One More Time – Britney Spears
  • Before the Storm – Selectracks
  • It was impossible to find the name of the other songs that played in this episode.

Dead Hot Soundtrack: Episode 3 Songs

  • Ave Maria – Unknown Artist

Dead Hot Soundtrack: Episode 4 Songs

Dead Hot Soundtrack: Episode 5 Songs

Dead Hot Soundtrack: Episode 6 Songs

Beyond the personal struggles, “Dead Hot” also hints at a darker undercurrent. The comedic elements seem to intertwine with a thrilling mystery, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Dead Hot Music Series Soundtrack (2024)
Dead Hot Soundtrack (2024)

The official trailer, available on YouTube, offers glimpses of this intriguing blend, leaving viewers wanting more.

With its unique blend of humor, drama, and suspense, “Dead Hot” is poised to become a must-watch for fans of both comedic and thrilling content series.

Dead Hot | Official Trailer | Prime Video
Dead Hot Soundtrack (2024)

If you’re looking for a captivating series that will make you laugh, think, and stay guessing until the very end, be sure to check it out on Prime Video come March 1st.

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  1. What’s the name of the song in Episode 3 where they’re at the party dancing (at 23:00). The only lyrics I could pick up were: Is this a nightmare / Is this a dream? / Now and forever

    1. Sorry if my reply gives you false hope, but I’ve literally searched everywhere for this song!

      If it helps, lyrics I picked up from the start are below….maybe you or someone else may have better luck than me:
      You’re in my head
      I’m on your tongue
      Second to come
      I want your love, love, love
      So give me some
      I’m on my knees
      Worship me
      Punish me baby

    2. Haven’t been able to find the song but here are the official lyrics from the transcript if it helps the search!

      You’re in my head I’m on your tongue
      Second to come I want your love, love, love
      So give me some I’m on my knees
      Worship me punish me, baby

      Is this a nightmare?
      Is this a dream?
      Or we’re now somewhere fuck¡ng between
      Now and forever…

      Is this a nightmare?
      Is this a dream?
      Roll out of somewhere How can you dream

  2. if anyone ever finds this song i’ll offer a £250 reward istg. why does it literally not exist?😭

  3. Jessica Winter. Song title sad music. Jessica Winter is the only composer mentioned for dead hot. Hope this helps make everyone’s day

    1. You’re absolutely right!
      It seems to be original music composed and sung by Jessica Winter, whom I am a huge fan of.
      I know she is working on a new album, so maybe these songs will feature on that body of work.
      Failing that, Amazon may release a soundtrack from the series.
      God it’s so frustrating as the music was soooooo damn good!!!
      The main theme / “some things are better left alone” has this ROYGBIV Boards of Canada hook that I am obsessed with!

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