The Way Home Season 2 Soundtrack
The Way Home Season 2 Soundtrack

The Way Home Season 2 Soundtrack. A Journey about the Hallmark’s series Through Time and Family.

Calling all fans of heartwarming dramas with a twist! Canada’s Hallmark Channel series, “The Way Home,” takes viewers on a captivating journey across generations, family secrets, and a touch of time travel. Let’s delve into the show’s history, characters, and the music that sets the scene.

The Way Home” centers around three strong-willed Landry women: Kat, a doctor estranged from her mother Del, and Alice, Kat’s teenage daughter. Facing personal crossroads, Kat and Alice return to their ancestral farm in Port Haven, reigniting old tensions with Del.

But the surprises don’t stop there. A hidden passage unveils a magical connection to the past, allowing present-day Alice to interact with her grandmother Del in 1992. As timelines intertwine, secrets unfold, relationships mend, and self-discovery blossoms for all three women.

Cast: Chyler Leigh (“Grey’s Anatomy”) as Kat Landry, the doctor seeking answers – Andie MacDowell (“Four Weddings and a Funeral”) as Del Landry, the stoic matriarch with hidden secrets. – Sadie Laflamme-Snow (“Nurses”) as Alice Landry, the teenager navigating family conflict and self-discovery.

Lurie Holt (“Anne with an E”) as young Del in the 1992 timeline. – Jeff Pierre (“Batwoman”) as Gabriel, Kat’s love interest. – David Wilmot (“Schitt’s Creek”) as Doc Baker, the town physician.

Episode 1 Songs – ‘The Space Between’ S02E01

  • Decode (“Twilight” Soundtrack Version) – Paramore
  • Steal My Sunshine – LEN
  • The Greatest – Universal Production Music
  • All For You – Sister Hazel

Episode 2 Songs – ‘Hanging by a Moment’ S02E02

  • How’s It Going To Be – Third Eye Blind
  • Let You Go – WILDES

Episode 3 Songs – ‘When You Were Young’ S02E03

Episode 4 Songs – ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ S02E04

  • How Muсh Are You Willing To Take – 1 Revolution Music
  • Superman (It’s Not Easy) – Five for Fighting

Episode 5 Songs – ‘Long Time Gone’ S02E05

  • The Mother – Flora Fauna
  • Howl (feat. Alyssa Morrissey) – JJ and The Pillars

Episode 6 Songs – ‘How to Save a Life’ S02E06

Episode 7 Songs – ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ S02E07

  • Here for You – Chris Mathieu
  • I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys

Episode 8 Songs – ‘Lose Yourself’ S02E08

  • Permanent Midnite – Saucy Monky
  • Starlight – Muse
  • Misery Business – Paramore
  • Thnks fr th Mmrs – Fall Out Boy
  • Sun Liсker – Robert Navarro, Sven Spieker, Bret Levick

Episode 9 Songs – ‘Here Without You’ S02E09

Episode 10 Songs – ‘Bring Me to Life’ S02E10

The Way Home Music Songs - Season 2 Soundtrack
The Way Home Season 2 Soundtrack

The show‘s emotional core is amplified by a beautiful and diverse soundtrack. Expect a blend of:

The Way Home Season 2 Soundtrack there is Heartfelt Country: Melodies like “This Time” by Ashley McBryde and “Looking for Someone” by Tenille Townes capture the show’s rural setting and family themes.
Contemporary Pop: Tracks such as “Run” by OneRepublic and “Invisible String” by Taylor Swift add a youthful touch and reflect Alice’s journey.
Nostalgic Throwbacks: Songs like “Dreams” by The Cranberries and “Linger” by The Cranberries transport viewers back to 1992, reflecting Del’s younger years.

The Way Home - Season 2 - Hallmark Channel
The Way Home Season 2 Soundtrack – Hallmark

With season 2 currently airing, “The Way Home” continues to weave a captivating tapestry of family, self-discovery, and a touch of the fantastic. So, grab your tissues, prepare to be charmed, and embark on this heartwarming journey through time!

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  1. What is the song in the opening of this episode-5, lyrics-“we are the colors of the earth, we are bodies of water, stardust in our bones, we come from the mother… any clue?

  2. What is the song in episode 8 when del and handsome older man are dancing after he’s had a few drink and is ready to dance. It sounds like an oldie “ let me hold your hand i wanna be your man…” I NEED TO KNOW!!

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