The Life You Wanted Soundtrack 2024
The Life You Wanted Soundtrack 2024

The Life You Wanted Soundtrack. A Italian 2024 Netflix series directed by Ivan Cotroneo. Music from the show bellow.

Gloria is convinced that she has found happiness in Lecce, where she founded a small tourist agency and found love with Ernesto but, one day, her life is turned upside down by the arrival of Marina, her friend at the university in Naples , before Gloria began her transition journey.

Marina brings with her Andrea and Arianna, her children from two different relationships, and is pregnant with a third, whose father is Pietro, a young man with a passionate and perhaps even dangerous character. Gloria would prefer not to reconnect with Marina, she reminds her of a part of her life that she would like to forget.

However, Marina hides many secrets and soon Sergio, Arianna’s father, will also arrive on the scene, a man in one piece who was immediately very distrustful of Gloria. For her, the time has come to come to terms with “the life he wanted”. (IMDb)

Cast: Vittoria Schisano as Gloria, Giuseppe Zeno as Sergio, Pina Turco as Marina, Alessio Lapice as Pietro, Nicola Bello as Andrea

Release Date: May 29, 2024
Genres: Drama
Italian Original Title: La vita che volevi

The Life You Wanted Soundtrack List, by episodes

Episode 1 Songs – S01E01

  • Gloria – Giancarlo Bigazzi e Umberto Tozzi
  • La Notte (La Nuit) – Salvatore Adamo

Episode 2 Songs – S01E02

  • Indifferentemente – Sergio Bruni
  • Dio Come Ti Amo – Domenico Modugno

Episode 3 Songs – S01E03

  • Vedrai Vedrai – Luigi Tenco

Episode 4 Songs – S01E04

  • Girls & Boys – Blur
  • Amore Che Vieni, Amore Che Vai – Fabrizio de André
  • Gloria – Giancarlo Bigazzi e Umberto Tozzi

Episode 5 Songs – S01E05

  • Gloria – Laura Branigan
  • Arrivederci – Umberto Bindi
  • Domani É Un Altro Giorno – Ornella Vanoni

Episode 6 Songs – S01E06

  • Girls & Boys – Blur
  • Pizzica Di Aradeo – Consuelo Alfieri e Giuseppe Astore
  • Gloria – Giancarlo Bigazzi e Umberto Tozzi

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Score Composer: Gabriele Roberto

External Links: Wikipedia
Series Streaming on / Network: Netflix
Production companies: Banijay Studios Italy

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