The First Omen Soundtrack (2024)
The First Omen Soundtrack (2024)

The First Omen Soundtrack. A 2024 movie that follows a young American woman sent to Rome to serve the church, where she encounters a darkness that challenges her faith and uncovers a sinister conspiracy aiming to bring about the birth of evil incarnate.

The plot revolves around the York family and their concerns about their adoptive daughter Delia’s disturbing and potentially demonic behavior.

It serves as a prequel to the 1976 film “The Omen” and includes characters like Father Brennan, played by Ralph Ineson, who has experience battling demonic forces in films like “The Witch”.

The lead role of Margaret is portrayed by Nell Tiger Free, known for her roles in “Game of Thrones” and “Servant”. Other notable cast members include Ralph Ineson as Father Brennan, Bill Nighy as Lawrence, Sonia Braga as Silvia, and Tawfeek Barhom as Gabriel.

The film delves into the young woman’s journey as she questions her faith and confronts a terrifying conspiracy that seeks to bring about catastrophic events.

Directed by Arkasha Stevenson in her feature directorial debut, “The First Omen” promises a chilling narrative intertwined with elements of horror and suspense.

The movie is set to be released on April 5, 2024, offering audiences a glimpse into the origins of Damien, the antichrist, and the dark forces at play in Rome.

The First Omen Music Movie Soundtrack (2024)
The First Omen Soundtrack (2024)

Who composed The First Omen Soundtrack?

Mark Korven is a highly acclaimed composer based in Toronto, known for his exceptional work in film and television. He has collaborated with renowned directors such as Deepa Mehta, Patricia Rozema, Vincenzo Natale, and Robert Eggers, with whom he created a cult favorite soundtrack. Korven’s most notable work includes the haunting and atmospheric score for the 2015 period horror film “The Witch,” which earned critical acclaim and won awards.

His ability to craft eerie and unsettling sounds has been a hallmark of his compositions, as seen in his work on projects like “The Black Phone,” where his music enhances the chilling and horrifying aspects of the film. Additionally, Korven’s talent extends to television, as he has contributed music to Amazon’s sci-fi series “The Peripheral,” showcasing his versatility and skill in creating evocative soundscapes that immerse audiences in the narratives of the projects he collaborates on.

The First Omen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

  • It’s All for You (1:32)
  • Searching the Files (1:24)
  • Vow Ceremony (2:40)
  • Margaret’s Voice (1:56)
  • Carlita’s Rescue (2:36)
  • Tighten the Noose (3:19)
  • Cloister de St. Rita (0:59)
  • What’s Happening to Me (1:50)
  • The Claw (1:21)
  • The Antichrist (1:22)
  • Not My Area (1:31)
  • Riot (3:32)
  • Horrific Accident (1:45)
  • The Demon Face (1:26)
  • Skianna Files (3:28)
  • Defending Carlita (2:43)
  • Tableau of Hell (2:09)
  • Shaming (1:25)
  • Demon Dance (1:51)
  • Plan Revealed (2:33)
  • Gurney Journey (1:12)
  • Ambassador (1:14)
  • Ave Satani (1:11)

The First Omen Soundtrack List – Additional Music

  • Sospesi Nel Cielo (from I Malamondo, 1964) – Ennio Morricone & 4 + 4 di Nora Orlandi
  • Some Velvet Morning – Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood
  • Rumore – Raffaella Carrà
  • Domani – Raffaella Carrà
  • I’ve Got to Use My Imagination – Gladys Knight & The Pips
  • Need Your Loving – The Flirtations
  • Carlita’s Rescue – Mark Korven

With a trailer released in early 2024, the film builds anticipation for its exploration of the birth of evil and its connection to the events depicted in “The Omen”.

As a prequel to “The Omen,” “The First Omen” aims to provide insights into Damien’s origins and the sinister forces surrounding his birth, adding depth to the lore of the original film while introducing new characters and narratives that contribute to the overarching storyline of good versus evil.

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The First Omen | Official Trailer | 20th Century Studios
The First Omen Soundtrack (2024)

The movie’s cast, led by Nell Tiger Free and Ralph Ineson, promises a compelling portrayal of characters caught in a web of darkness and conspiracy, setting the stage for a gripping cinematic experience.

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  1. The film uses uncredited tracks that are clearly written by Jerry Goldsmith from the original film.

  2. In the Disco Club Scene they played in the background, ‘Daddy Cool’ by Boney M which was released in 1976, not in the early 1970’s.

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