Love Lies Bleeding Soundtrack (2024)
Love Lies Bleeding Soundtrack (2024)

Love Lies Bleeding Soundtrack. To be release in March 2024, “Love Lies Bleeding” is an intoxicating blend of dark romance and thrilling suspense.

Directed by the enigmatic Rose Glass, the film delves into the turbulent relationship between Lou, a reserved gym manager, and Jackie, an ambitious bodybuilder chasing her dreams.

Kristen Stewart portrays the enigmatic Lou, whose quiet facade masks a troubled past and ties to a dangerous criminal family.

As Jackie, newcomer Katy O’Brian radiates fierce determination and vulnerability, capturing the character’s journey from hopeful athlete to someone entangled in a sinister web.

The supporting cast boasts equally impressive performances, including Jena Malone as a mysterious artist, Anna Baryshnikov as a fellow gym member, and Ed Harris as Lou’s menacing father.

The plot unfolds like a tightly coiled spring, initially focusing on the blossoming romance between Lou and Jackie.

Their intense connection fuels their desires, pushing them towards Las Vegas in pursuit of Jackie’s bodybuilding dreams.

However, as they delve deeper into Lou’s dark past, the idyllic vision crumbles. Secrets spill, loyalties blur, and violence erupts, forcing Jackie to confront a harsh reality far removed from her initial expectations.

Who composed the Love Lies Bleeding Soundtrack?

Adding another layer of depth is the hauntingly beautiful, Love Lies Bleeding Soundtrack by Clint Mansell. The score oscillates between melancholic piano melodies and unsettling electronic undertones, mirroring the characters’ shifting emotions and the film’s escalating tension. Each note resonates with the characters’ desires, regrets, and escalating fear.

Love Lies Bleeding (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

  • 1. Louville (7:38)
  • 2. Turn Up the Heat (3:52)
  • 3. Love Lies Bleeding (4:26)
  • 4. Penalty = Prison (2:35)
  • 5. Family Business (1:12)
  • 6. Red Light (3:35)
  • 7. Pain Is Weakness (7:42)
  • 8. “I F***ing Love You, You Idiot” (4:29)

Love Lies Bleeding Soundtrack List – Additional Music

  • Transformation – Nona Hendryx
  • Stars Fell On Alabama – Kay Starr
  • Mutant Man – Patrick Crowley
  • Nice Mover – Gina x Performance
  • Energy Flow (Ki No Nagare) – Shiho Yabuki
  • Ask Me To Dance Mr Cowboy – Marc Ferrari & Joseph Michael McGregor
  • Bad Bad Man – David Rockower, Travis Gray, Bernard Perry II, Andrew Lauzon, John Pregler, Caron Nightingale
  • The Moon Is Blue – Colourbox
  • Je rêve de danser – Paul Bonneau
  • Whisper – Martin Rev

Glass’s masterful direction keeps the audience teetering on the edge of their seats. The camerawork utilizes unsettling close-ups, emphasizing the characters’ vulnerabilities and anxieties.

Love Lies Bleeding Music Movie Soundtrack
Love Lies Bleeding Soundtrack (2024)

The color palette, dominated by deep reds and stark shadows, reflects the movie‘s emotional intensity. Meanwhile, the carefully crafted editing seamlessly blends dreamlike sequences with gritty realism, mirroring Jackie’s descent into a world of danger.

“Love Lies Bleeding” is more than just a romantic thriller; it’s a psychological exploration of obsession, manipulation, and the destructive power of desire. The film leaves audiences questioning trust, identity, and the true cost of chasing dreams.

Love Lies Bleeding | Official Trailer 2 HD | A24
Love Lies Bleeding Soundtrack (2024)

With its stellar performances, gripping story, and masterful direction, “Love Lies Bleeding” has firmly established itself as a modern cinematic gem, destined to linger in the minds of viewers long after the credits roll.

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