Anyone But You Soundtrack (2023)
Anyone But You Soundtrack (2023)

Anyone But You Soundtrack. Released in December 2023, takes audiences on a hilarious and heartwarming journey of love, mistaken identities, and second chances.

Directed by Will Gluck (“Easy A,” “Friends with Benefits”), the film is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” but with a fresh, contemporary twist.

The story revolves around Bea (played by the ever-engaging Sydney Sweeney) and Ben (portrayed by the charming Glen Powell). After an electrifying first date, their connection abruptly sours due to a misunderstanding.

Fate, however, has other plans, throwing them together again at a stunning destination wedding in Australia. To avoid awkward encounters and social pressures, they hatch a scheme – pretend to be the perfect, loved-up couple.

As the charade unfolds, sparks begin to fly again, this time amidst the sun-drenched beaches and vibrant Australian backdrop. The movie masterfully navigates the comedic chaos of their fake relationship, showcasing hilarious situations and witty banter between Bea and Ben.

Their undeniable chemistry sizzles on screen, leaving the audience captivated by their emotional tug-of-war.

The supporting cast adds depth and humor to the story. Alexandra Shipp (“Love, Simon”) shines as Bea’s supportive best friend, while GaTa (“Dear Evan Hansen”) brings comedic relief as Ben’s loyal confidante. Dermot Mulroney and Rachel Griffiths add a touch of parental wisdom and guidance, rounding out the ensemble with seasoned performances.

Anyone But You (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Original music composed by Christopher Stracey, Este Haim

  • Starry Eyed and Falling in Love
  • Wedding Weekend
  • My Heart Beats to These Stick Clicks
  • This is Not a Drill
  • What Does Love Sound Like?
  • Running So Fast I Can’t Catch My Breath
  • I’m Not Blushing
  • Funk On
  • I Love You, You
  • Running So Fast I Can’t Catch My Breath
  • Couldn’t Find a Moving Train

Anyone But You Soundtrack – Additional Songs

  • Didn’t I (Dave Allison Rework) – Darondo
  • Didn’t I – Darondo
  • The Spins – Mac Miller & Empire of the Sun
  • Photo ID – Remi Wolf & Dominic Fike
  • Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield
  • Sick – Dominic Fike
  • The Vacationer – Hungry Kids of Hungary
  • Bang Bang – Hippo Campus
  • Steppin’ On Me – Fitz And the Tantrums
  • Sympathy – Declan McKenna
  • Dummy – Portugal. The Man
  • Got Me Started – Troye Sivan
  • Anyone But You – Still Woozy
  • Loving You – Wet Leg
  • Connecting Dots – Kate Bollinger
  • Outta My Head – Mel Wesson
  • Lancaster Nights – Charlie Burg
  • Bottle Rocket – Jimi Somewhere

The Anyone But You Soundtrack perfectly complements the film’s vibrant atmosphere. Upbeat pop tracks by Dua Lipa and Lizzo set the mood for the Australian party scenes, while soulful ballads by Sam Smith and Dermot Kennedy underscore the romantic moments. The carefully curated blend of music enhances the emotional journey of the characters and keeps the audience engaged throughout.

“Anyone But You” is not just a lighthearted rom-com; it delves into themes of self-discovery, forgiveness, and the courage to take risks. As Bea and Ben navigate their complicated feelings, they learn valuable lessons about communication, honesty, and the importance of embracing their true selves.

While the film received mixed reviews from critics, praising its humor and performances but critiquing its predictability, it resonated with audiences, becoming a sleeper hit at the box office.

“Anyone But You” offers a delightful escape and a heartwarming reminder that sometimes, the greatest love stories can blossom in the most unexpected places.

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