Late Night with the Devil Soundtrack (2024)
Late Night with the Devil Soundtrack (2024)

Late Night with the Devil Soundtrack. The film takes us back to 1977, a time when late-night talk shows held a hypnotic power over audiences. Our protagonist, Jack Delroy (played by David Dastmalchian), is a desperate host desperately clinging to dwindling ratings.

In a bid for a sensational comeback, he orchestrates a live séance featuring a renowned psychic, Christou (played by Fayssal Bazzi).

Joining the seance are Dr. June Ross-Mitchell (played by Laura Gordon), a skeptical parapsychologist, and Carmichael the Conjurer (played by Ian Bliss), a former magician turned debunker.

The tension between these guests, each with their own beliefs and agendas, creates a crackling atmosphere even before the spirits are summoned.

A Pact with Darkness. As the séance unfolds, the line between entertainment and genuine supernatural contact blurs.

What starts as a calculated ratings grab spirals into something far more sinister. Jack, desperate for success, makes a fateful pact with a dark entity, unleashing consequences he couldn’t have imagined.

As the demonic presence grows stronger, the studio transforms into a terrifying playground. The cast, initially skeptical or even mocking, finds themselves thrust into a real-life horror show.

They must band together, confront their deepest fears, and find a way to break the pact before the evil consumes them all.

Late Night with the Devil Music Movie Soundtrack (2024)
Late Night with the Devil Soundtrack (2024)

Late Night with the Devil Soundtrack List

  • Forever My Queen – Pentagram
  • Night Owls Theme – The Night Owls Studio Orchestra
  • Christou – The Night Owls Studio Orchestra
  • The Sorcerer’s Aprentice – The Night Owls Studio Orchestra
  • June And Lilly – The Night Owls Studio Orchestra
  • Late Night With The Devil – The Night Owls Studio Orchestra
  • The Master Demands Sacrifice – Glenn Richards
  • Lilly Saved From Fire – Glenn Richards
  • They Call Me Mr. Wriggles – Glenn Richards
  • Keep It Warm – Flo & Eddie

David Dastmalchian delivers a captivating performance as Jack, showcasing his character’s transformation from desperation to chilling possession.

The supporting cast, including Laura Gordon and Ian Bliss, each bring their own unique energy and credibility to their roles.

Shot with a grainy, vintage aesthetic, “Late Night with the Devil” evokes the nostalgia of classic late-night television while weaving in unsettling dread.

Late Night with the Devil Trailer

Late Night With the Devil - Teaser Trailer | HD | IFC Films
Late Night with the Devil Soundtrack (2024)

The film offers a chilling exploration of ambition, faith, and the price one might pay for a taste of the darkness.

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  1. Does anyone know what’s the name of the song at the end of the movie I think right before or during the credits ??

  2. Really looking for the jazz instrumental at the end played during the credits. I shazamed it during the movie but nothing came up

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