Evil Does Not Exist Soundtrack
Evil Does Not Exist Soundtrack

Evil Does Not Exist Soundtrack. Directed and written by Ryusuke Hamaguchi. Music Songs from the movie bellow.

Titles: 悪は存在しない – Aku wa Sonzai Shinai
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 26 April 2024

Takumi and his daughter Hana live in Mizubiki Village, close to Tokyo. One day, the village inhabitants become aware of a plan to build a camping site near Takumi’s house offering city residents a comfortable “escape” to nature. (IMDb)

Cast: Hitoshi Omika as Takumi, Ryo Nishikawa as Hana, Ryuji Kosaka as Takahashi, Ayaka Shibutani as Mayuzumi. Hazuki Kikuchi, Hiroyuki Miura

Evil Does Not Exist Soundtrack OST

Music Score Composer: Eiko Ishibashi

  • Evil Does Not Exist V.2
  • Hana V.2
  • Fether
  • Smoke 04:30
  • Deer Blood
  • Missing V.2
  • Evil Does Not Exist

Evil Does Not Exist Trailer:

External Links: Rotten Tomatoes
Movie Distribution: Incline
Production companies: NEOPA Inc.

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