Wildcat Soundtrack 2024 Maya Hawke
Wildcat Soundtrack 2024 Maya Hawke

Wildcat Soundtrack 2024.Movie directed and written by Ethan Hawke and based on Short stories by Flannery O’Connor.

WILDCAT invites the audience to weave in and out of celebrated Southern Gothic writer Flannery O’Connor’s mind as she ponders the great questions of her writing: Can scandalous art still serve God? Does suffering precede all greatness? Can illness be a blessing? In 1950, Flannery (Maya Hawke) visits her mother Regina (Laura Linney) in Georgia when she is diagnosed with lupus at twenty-four years old.

Struggling with the same disease that took her father’s life when she was a child and desperate to make her mark as a great writer, this crisis pitches her imagination into a feverish exploration of belief. As she dives deeper into her craft, the lines between reality, imagination, and faith begin to blur, allowing Flannery to ultimately come to peace with her situation and heal a strained relationship with her mother. (Rotten Tomatoes)

Genres: Biography Drama
Release Date: May 3, 2024

Who Composed the Wildcat Soundtrack?

Latham Gaines: Latham Gaines is an actor and composer. Some of his well-known works are Kid, from 2019.

Shelby Gaines: Latham’s brother, Shelby is a composer, musician, and writer. He was also responsible for the soundtrack for “The Kid”

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Wildcat Soundtrack List

  • Movie Fanfare – Persival Mackey
  • Reception A La Cour – Georges Samuel Tzipine, Maurice Jeanjean
  • Assauts – Carola Pimper, Theodor Grigoriu
  • Adagio – Carola Pimper, Edgar Aron Cosma
  • Into the Unknown 4 – Alan Wynn
  • The Darkest Hour – Norman Dane
  • For Those in Peril – Ronald Charles Hanmer
  • Classic Film Fanfare – Barry Tattenhall
  • Come Softly to Me – The Fleetwoods
  • Ghost of the Fields – Adam Dachman
  • Battle Hymn of the Republica – John Gregory Knowles, Michael James Taylor
  • Gladiolus Rag – Scott Joplin
  • Almost Like Being In Love – Brittany Gillstrap
  • Pine Apple Rag – Brittany Gillstrap
  • I Got Loaded – Peppermint Harris, Maxwell Davis and His All-Stars

Official Trailer:

You can watch the film’s official trailer here, which will give you an idea of ​​the film.

The film stars are Maya Hawke, Laura Linney, Ettinger, Rafael Casal, Cooper Hoffman, Steve Zahn, Vincent D’Onofrio, Alessandro Nivola, Christine Dye, Willa Fitzgerald and Levon Hawke.

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