The Tearsmith Soundtrack (2024)
The Tearsmith Soundtrack (2024)

The Tearsmith Soundtrack. Fabbricante di lacrimeThe Shadow of Pain and the Spark of Love.

Nica, seventeen and yearning for a loving family, escapes the bleak walls of the Grave orphanage, leaving behind childhood whispers of the “tearsmith,” a mythical weaver of anxieties.

Her dream of normalcy materializes with the Milligans, a warm couple promising a haven. But her escape isn’t complete. Rigel, another resident of the Grave, shadows her. Restless and enigmatic, he embodies everything Nica despises.

Rigel is a paradox – brilliant, musically gifted with an appearance that could steal breaths, yet harboring a darkness beneath the surface.

Despite their shared history of pain, their presence in the same household ignites a volatile mix of hostility and a strange, unspoken attraction.

Bound by their pasts, both Nica and Rigel battle their inner demons in different ways. Nica’s kindness masks a deep-seated pain, while Rigel hides his turmoil behind anger.

They become inadvertent “tearsmiths” for each other, exposing vulnerabilities and triggering hidden emotions.

But the legendary tearsmith whispers truth. Lies cannot exist before this mythical being, forcing Nica and Rigel to confront the undeniable pull that draws them together – a love born from shared hardship and desperate connection.

The Tearsmith Music Movie Soundtrack (2024)
The Tearsmith Soundtrack (2024)

The Tearsmith (Soundtrack from the Netflix Film)

Original Music Composed by Andrea Farri

  • The Tear Maker
  • Your Perfect Fairy Tale
  • Lullaby – Andrea Farri & Valentina Costanzo
  • Rigel Child
  • HELL – Andrea Farri & Valentina Costanzo
  • The Moth
  • Rigel’s Theme
  • Nica’s Theme

The Tearsmith Soundtrack List – Additional Music

  • Lullaby – A. Farri, L. Martelli
  • Budapeste – George Ezra
  • Vampire – Olivia Rodrigo
  • Laisse Tomber Les Files – S. Gainsbourg
  • I Love You – Billi Eilish
  • Hell – A. Farri, L. Martelli
  • You Should Be Here – Danny Cope
  • Brutal Love – Jeremy Noel William Abbott, Louise Bernadete Dowd
  • When You See Me – Camille Galey, Matthieu Alain, Julien Devos
  • Someone Somewhere – Elizabeth Mary Riordan, Louise Bernadete Dowd

As the truth unfolds, they must gather the courage to embrace this force, risking everything for a chance at healing and happiness.

As soon as the film premiere, you will be able to listen to the soundtrack on major platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and SoundCloud.

THE TEARSMITH | Official Teaser | Netflix
The Tearsmith Soundtrack (2024)

The Tearsmith, a captivating film adaptation of Erin Doom’s beloved novel, launching exclusively on Netflix on April 4th.

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