The Reading Soundtrack (2023)
The Reading Soundtrack (2023)

The Reading Soundtrack (2023). A supernatural horror-thriller with chilling consequences of confronting past trauma. The film follows Emma Leeden (played by Mo’Nique), a recently widowed author grappling with the loss of her family in a horrific home invasion.

To promote her book, titled “Invasion,” which details the ordeal, Emma agrees to a staged reading in her heavily fortified home.

Taking on the role of the reader is Sky Brown, a young woman with a surprisingly potent spiritual connection. As Sky goes into the words of Emma’s book, the lines between reality and fiction begin to blur.

The seemingly safe haven of Emma’s home transforms into a terrifying battleground as a malevolent force is unleashed, mirroring the events of the book.

Directed by Courtney Glaude in his feature film debut, “The Reading” has a powerful performance by Mo’Nique, who portrays Emma’s descent into terror with captivating vulnerability. Chastity Sereal delivers a compelling performance as Sky, whose youthful innocence clashes with the awakened darkness.

The supporting cast, including Denisha Hardeman and Thomas Dawson Jr., further strengthens the film’s emotional core.

While the film primarily relies on the power of its narrative and performances to build suspense, the original soundtrack by Isaiah Montgomery adds a chilling layer to the atmosphere.

The Reading Soundtrack List

  • All Is Well – Moments
  • A Shell Of A Woman – Doris Allen
  • Viral – Sweet Sammy
  • Cost of Living – Brent Wood
  • Invisible Line – Stephen Keech
  • Checkin Bags – Elijah
  • As Dusk Descends – Wicked Cinema
  • Am I Dreaming – Moments
  • Kyosu’s Vengeance – David Bowles
  • Bio – Lincoln Davis
  • Laqueus Equation – Cody Martin
  • Swarm Of Flies – Third Age
  • The Curse – Wicked Cinema
  • Grimly – Wicked Cinema
  • 42nd Floor – Trebulance Ahead
  • I Don’t Love You – Joseph Angel

The score effectively utilizes a blend of orchestral elements and electronic soundscapes, creating a sense of unease and escalating tension that perfectly complements the film’s unsettling visuals.

“The Reading” is a unique blend of psychological horror and emotional drama, offering a captivating exploration of grief, trauma, and the potential dangers of reliving one’s darkest moments.

The Reading Trailer

With its strong performances, suspenseful plot, and haunting score, the film leaves a lasting impression, staying with viewers long after the credits roll.

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