The Image of You Soundtrack (2024)
The Image of You Soundtrack (2024)

The Image of You Soundtrack. A 2024 movie directed by Jeff Fisher and based on The Image of You by Adele Parks. Music from the film bellow.

Based on the international best-seller, THE IMAGE OF YOU tells the provocative story of twin sisters Anna and Zoe. Anna and Zoe are identical in every way … until a charismatic stranger unexpectedly comes into their lives and threatens to break their inseparable bond. As the dynamic between the sisters shifts, family secrets will be exposed, lies will be revealed and a shattering truth about the twins will change their lives forever.

Stars: Sasha Pieterse as Anna and Zoe, Parker Young, Néstor Carbonell, Mira Sorvino as Alexia, Michele Nordin, Ben Milliken, Rebekah Graf, Anne Sward, Mark Provencher, Kate Rachesky, Ogy Durham, Teo Santos, Mark Provencher

Genres: Mystery Thriller
Release Date: May 10, 2024

The Image of You Soundtrack List

  • Keep Me Up All Night – Izzy Warner & Stevie Gold
  • The Stand – Mother Mother
  • This Must Be Love – Niki Hexum
  • Need Someone – Zara Larsson
  • Now I Fly – Karapet Moralyan & Mia Mormino
  • Don’t Touch – Niki Hexum
  • Feelin’ Like Yeah Yeah Yeah – Roland Bringaman & Simon Tellier
  • Get Down With Me – Lucas Villmur & Charles Johnson Jr.
  • Eternity – Zack Hexum
  • And Rock – Oliver Horton, Jack Lake & Bea Parks
  • Tempted – Zack Hexum
  • Do Comething Crazy – Zayde and the Stereo War
  • Cha Cha Cha – Alex Wilson
  • She’s a Pyromaniac – Rafa Carbonell
  • Better Dead – Niki Hexum

Score Composer: Hamish Thomson

The Image of You Trailer

External Links: IMDb
Movie distribution: Republic Pictures
Production companies: Motion Picture Corporation of America

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