Red Eye Soundtrack ITV 2024
Red Eye Soundtrack ITV 2024

Red Eye Soundtrack ITV. A six-part British series created by Peter A. Dowling and directed by Kieron Hawkes. Music Songs from the show episodes bellow.

Genres: Drama Action Thriller
Release Date: 21 April 2024

London police officer DC Hana Li is escorting Dr Matthew Nolan back to Beijing where he has been accused of a crime. However, on board flight 357, she finds herself embroiled in an escalating conspiracy and a growing number of murders.

Stars: Jing Lusi, Richard Armitage, Lesley Sharp, Jemma Moore, Cash Holland, Daphne Cheung, Arron Long, Xiangyi Tan, Aidan Cheng, Tai Yin Chan.

Red Eye (Original Series Soundtrack)

  • Red Eye Main Title (0:42)
  • Dr. Matthew Nolan (2:53)
  • MI5 Headquarters (1:37)
  • DC Hana Li (1:11)
  • Terminal Chase (2:43)
  • Boarding (3:04)
  • Flight 357 (2:11)
  • Negotiations (2:37)
  • Turbulence (2:33)
  • Cabin Pressure (2:29)
  • Redacted (2:09)
  • A Spy (2:39)
  • Jess Li (1:54)
  • Beijing Conference (2:56)
  • The Courier (2:27)
  • Framed (4:04)
  • Escape from the Embassy (2:34)
  • On British Soil (4:11)
  • Prepare For Landing (3:44)
  • He Doesn’t Deserve You (1:34)
  • A Gift (3:49)

Red Eye soundtrack List, by episodes

Episode 1 Songs

Episode 2 Songs

Episode 3 Songs

  • Away (Single) – Adriano Silvestre
  • Grime And Disorder – Paul Whitehead & Dave Ryman

Episode 4 Songs

Episode 5 Songs

Episode 6 Songs

Music Score Composer: Ian Arber

External Links: IMDb
Streaming on / Network: ITV
Series Production companies: Bad Wolf

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  1. Hi please could you tell me which male vocal is mixed in with away by Adriano Silvestre
    I can’t find it anywhere
    May thanks

    1. Hello Lee,
      We’ve already looked and unfortunately we haven’t found it yet. When we can identify it, we will update the list

  2. Episodes with no music names.please put it in.i want to know.only episode 3 have the name of 2 songs.

  3. What was vocal mixed into away by Adriano Silvestre ? Was a kicking club track. Sounded like a mashup as away is mostly instrumental on YouTube etc.

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