McDonald & Dodds Season 4 Soundtrack
McDonald & Dodds Season 4 Soundtrack

McDonald & Dodds Season 4 Soundtrack. The British ITV’s series created by Robert Murphy is back for Season 4. Music from the show bellow.

McDonald, a tough and impulsive cop, solves cases through sheer force of will. Newly arrived at her new destination, she teams up with veteran Sergeant Dodds (Jason Watkins, The Crown, W1A), instantly bringing the pair into confrontation over their different approaches to both life and police work.

Stars: Tala Gouveia as DCI Lauren McDonald, Jason Watkins as DS Dodds, Claire Skinner, Charlie Chambers, Bhavik C. Pankhania

Season 4 Release Date: May 23, 2024
Genres: Comedy Crime Drama Mystery Thriller

McDonald & Dodds Season 4 Soundtrack List, by episodes

Episode 1 Songs – S04E01 (Jinxy Sings The Blues)

  • I’m a Good Man – James King, Anders Lewén, Sven Zetterberg
  • Feeling Lucky – James King & Anders Lewén
  • Crossroads – Robert Johnson
  • Down at the Bottom – James King & Anders Lewén
  • Preacher Man – Randall Breneman, Adam Skinner & Dan Skinner
  • The House of the Rising Sun

Episode 2 Songs – S04E02 (The Rule of Three)

Episode 3 Songs – S04E03 (Wedding Fever)

  • Mehendi Rachnewali (feat. Madhu Roy) – Sidhant Kapoor

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Music Score Composer: Blair Mowat

External Links: IMDb
Series Streaming on / Network: ITV
Production companies: Mammoth Screen, ITV Studios, BritBox

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  1. The first song in season 4 episode 3, sounds like a Martha and the one song, with the words changed.

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