Nolly Soundtrack (2023)
Nolly Soundtrack (2023)

Nolly Soundtrack. Series Songs and music from and inspired by Nolly OST. Nolly soundtrack from the ITVX show.

“Nolly” is a TV mini-series that delves into the life of British soap star Noele Gordon, known as Nolly, and her abrupt dismissal from the hit show Crossroads at the peak of her career. The series, set to air on ITVX, marks the first production from Nicola Shindler’s Quay Street Productions under ITV Studios.

Helena Bonham Carter portrays the iconic Noele Gordon in this drama, offering a bold exploration of the challenges faced by a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. The storyline revolves around Gordon’s character, Meg Richardson, and her unexpected exit from the successful soap opera, capturing the essence of her reign and subsequent fall from grace.

The production of “Nolly” has garnered attention for its unique narrative and star-studded cast, including Helena Bonham Carter in the lead role. The series is described as a three-part drama that sheds light on the complexities of Gordon’s career and personal journey, providing viewers with a glimpse into the world of British soap operas and the challenges faced by actors in the industry.

With its debut on ITVX and subsequent airing on PBS Masterpiece in the U.S., “Nolly” promises to captivate audiences with its compelling storytelling and historical context.

Helena Bonham Carter’s portrayal of Noele Gordon in “Nolly” showcases her versatility as an actress, bringing to life the struggles and triumphs of a renowned soap opera star facing unexpected career obstacles.

Nolly (Original Television Sondtrack)

Original Music Composed by Blair Mowat

  • 1. Nolly Goes to War (2:36)
  • 2. Exit Cathedral Enter Rehearsal (3:06)
  • 3. The Rehearsal Room (1:58)
  • 4. Nolly at Home (1:19)
  • 5. An Affair to Remember (2:49)
  • 6. Meg Is Going to Die (2:10)
  • 7. Previously On Nolly (0:53)
  • 8. The Prime Minister (1:28)
  • 9. Undercover Operation (2:30)
  • 10. Sam Hurst (1:03)
  • 11. The Funeral 2:0Visiting Larry (2:01)
  • 12. The QEII (0:55)
  • 13. Nolly’s Empty Chair (2:00)
  • 14. 70s TV Tune (0:39)
  • 15. A Bus to Catch (1:35)
  • 16. Goodbye Crossroads (2:01)
  • 17. The Stage Awaits (1:31)
  • 18. First Day at Work (1:27)
  • 19. The Theatrical Experience (1:47)
  • 20. Men (1:36)
  • 21. Nolly On Tour (1:11)
  • 22. The Reason (2:40)
  • 23. Friendship in Venice (2:46)
  • 24. Looking Back On Life (3:56)
  • 25. Goodbye Nolly (0:54)

Episode 1 Music

Episode 2 Music

Episode 3 Music

The series offers a fresh perspective on the entertainment industry and highlights the impact of sudden changes on individuals within this competitive field. Through its exploration of Gordon’s character and the events surrounding her dismissal from Crossroads, “Nolly” aims to engage viewers with a poignant narrative that reflects real-life challenges faced by public figures in show business.

Nolly Music Show Soundtrack (2023)
Nolly Soundtrack (2023)

Overall, “Nolly” stands out as a compelling drama that combines elements of history, entertainment, and personal struggle to create a captivating storyline centered around Noele Gordon’s journey in the world of British soap operas.

Viewers can expect a nuanced portrayal of Gordon’s character and a deep dive into the complexities of fame and adversity within the entertainment industry.

Nolly: Trailer
Nolly Soundtrack (2023)

Promises to offer audiences an insightful look into the life of a prominent soap opera star and the challenges she faced during her career, making it a must-watch for fans of British dramas and historical narratives.

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