Lights Out Soundtrack (2024)
Lights Out Soundtrack (2024)

Lights Out Soundtrack. Check it the vibrant musical tapestry of “Lights Out” (2024), the action thriller directed by Christian Sesma. Immerse yourself in the complete tracklist of this cinematic experience, featuring a full soundtrack with songs from the movie and the original score (OST) music. Listen to all the tracks and discover the artists behind each song, along with curated tune playlists, scores, and credits seamlessly woven into the film.

“Lights Out” follows the gripping story of Michael “Duffy” Duffield, a troubled ex-soldier grappling with homelessness upon his return from service. His life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Max Bomer, a recently released ex-convict who recognizes Duffy’s exceptional fighting skills.

Lights Out Soundtrack List

  • Rap Star (feat. GoldMvn and AC) – Nazo Bravo
  • You Don’t Impress Me (feat. YG Hootie) – Nazo Bravo
  • Shut You down – Nate Davis
  • I’m A Problem – Mike Foy
  • Cold Without Me – Izzy T
  • Lights Out (feat. Havana push) – Mxx Bet

Who Composed Lights Out Soundtrack?

Jeffrey Steven Pilson, a multi-instrumental force in the rock world, boasts a career spanning genres and decades. Renowned for his bass wizardry in Dokken’s glam metal heyday, he left his mark on iconic albums like “Tooth and Nail.” His diverse journey led him to join the legendary Dio in the 90s, contributing to albums like “Strange Highways,” before finding a long-term home with Foreigner since 2004, anchoring their classic rock sound. A prolific artist, Pilson also shines as a solo performer, with albums like “War and Peace” showcasing his songwriting and instrumental talents. Whether laying down thunderous bass lines, crafting memorable tunes, or lending his skills to various projects, Pilson remains a respected and versatile figure in the music scene.

Lights Out Soundtrack Music Songs 2024 Movie
Lights Out Soundtrack (2024)

Bomer presents an intriguing opportunity for Duffy to partake in underground fight clubs, leading to an unlikely partnership. Drawn by the allure of money and redemption, the duo embarks on a journey to Los Angeles.

As Duffy delves into the harsh world of underground fighting, his undeniable prowess attracts the attention of formidable figures such as Sage Parker, a ruthless crime boss, and Ellen Ridgway, a corrupt police officer. The narrative unfolds into a complex web of violence, betrayal, and moral dilemmas, forcing Duffy to confront his past demons and make critical decisions about his identity.

Critically reviewed, “Lights Out” received a mix of opinions. Some lauded the film for its thrilling action sequences and the outstanding performances of Frank Grillo and Mekhi Phifer. However, others critiqued the predictability of the plot and perceived lack of originality. Despite the varied reception, the film achieved modest success at the box office, grossing around $3 million worldwide.

Lights Out Trailer #1 (2024)
Lights Out Soundtrack (2024)

Whether you enjoyed the heart-pounding action or found yourself captivated by the characters, dive into the full musical experience of “Lights Out.” Immerse yourself in the soundtrack, reliving the intense moments that accompanied Duffy’s journey through the gritty world of underground fighting.

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