Jackpot Soundtrack (2024)
Jackpot Soundtrack (2024)

Jackpot Soundtrack. An 2024 Amazon Prime movie directed by Paul Feig and starred by John Cena and Awkwafina. Music from the film bellow.

In the very near future, the Grand Lottery has been established in economically challenged California. The only catch? Kill the winner before sundown and you can legally claim their prize. New LA transplant Katie (Awkwafina) accidentally finds herself with the winning ticket and must join forces with amateur jackpot protector Noel (John Cena) to make it to sundown in order to claim her multi-billion dollar prize, all while dealing with Noel’s protection rival Louis Lewis (Simu Liu), who also wants to get her to sundown in order to claim his rich protection commission.

Cast: John Cena as Noel, Awkwafina as Katie, Simu Liu as Louis Lewis, Ayden Mayeri, Seann William Scott, Dolly de Leon, Donald Elise Watkins, Sam Asghari, Michael Hitchcock, Becky Ann Baker Leslie David Baker, Murray Hill, Adam Ray, Taylor Ortega, Holmes

Release Date: August 15, 2024
Genres: Action Comedy

Jackpot Soundtrack List of Songs

  • The song list will be available as soon as the film premieres.

Jackpot Trailer Music

  • Holding Out For a Hero – Bonnie Tyler

Score Composer: Theodore Shapiro
Music Supervisor: Erica Weis

External Links: IMDb
Movie Streaming on / Network: Amazon Prime
Production companies: Amazon MGM Studios, Roth/Kirschenbaum Films, Feigco Entertainment, Summer House Pictures

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