Janet Planet Soundtrack (2024)
Janet Planet Soundtrack (2024)

Janet Planet Soundtrack. The movie marks the feature directorial debut of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Annie Baker.

Set in rural Western Massachusetts during the summer of 1991, the film revolves around 11-year-old Lacy, played by Zoe Ziegler.

Lacy spends her days enthralled by her own imagination and the captivating presence of her mother, Janet, portrayed by Julianne Nicholson.

Janet Planet Music Movie Soundtrack (2024)
Janet Planet Soundtrack (2024) – Credits: A24

As the lazy summer months drift by, their peaceful existence is disrupted by the arrival of three visitors, each drawn to Janet’s enigmatic personality.

Through Lacy’s observant eyes, the audience witnesses the shifting dynamics within the household. The visitors, played by Elias Koteas, Sophie Okonedo, and Will Patton, bring their own complexities and desires, influencing the fragile balance between mother and daughter.

Janet Planet Trailer Music

  • Hammond Song – The Roches

Janet Planet Soundtrack List

  • The song list will be available as soon as the film premieres.

After the film’s release, you can listen to the complete soundtrack on platforms such as Apple MusicAmazon Music, and Spotify.

Baker’s meticulous direction and the film‘s deliberate pacing create a sense of quiet intimacy. The lack of non-diegetic music and minimal camera movement further enhance the film’s focus on character interactions and nuanced performances.

Janet Planet | Official Trailer HD | A24
Janet Planet Soundtrack (2024)

“Janet Planet” is a poignant exploration of family dynamics, childhood innocence, and the complexities of human connection. It offers a nuanced portrayal of a mother-daughter relationship, capturing the subtle shifts in emotions and the gradual disillusionment that can occur as a child matures.

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