Art of Love Soundtrack (2024 Netflix)
Art of Love Soundtrack (2024 Netflix)

Art of Love Soundtrack. 2024 Movie Songs and music from and inspired by Art of Love (Romantik Hirsiz) OST. Art of Love soundtrack from the Netflix movie.

The 2024 Turkish Netflix filme “Art of Love” is a captivating drama that intertwines elements of romance and mystery. Directed by Recai Karagöz, the movie pays homage to popular art heists, drawing inspiration from French and English films like Lupin and Red Notice.

The plot is about wealthy art thief Guney and honest Interpol officer Alin, played by Birkan Sokullu and Esra Bilgic, respectively. Despite their contrasting moral compasses, they share a mysterious connection that leads to a complex cat-and-mouse game.

Scheduled for release on Netflix on Thursday, March 14, 2024, “Art of Love” promises viewers a thrilling experience filled with suspense and emotional depth.

The trailer hints at a storyline where Alin discovers that the art thief she’s been pursuing is actually her ex-lover, adding layers of complexity to their relationship and the pursuit of justice.

As the narrative unfolds, viewers are taken on a journey through a maze of lies and conflicting emotions as Alin grapples with her duty as an officer and her personal feelings for Guney.

The official synopsis of “Art of Love” sets the stage for an intense narrative: “After learning that the art thief she has been chasing is her ex-lover, an officer working for Interpol concocts a plan to catch him red-handed”.

Art of Love Soundtrack List

  • Don’t You Wanna Be Mine – Music: Mert Oktan / Vocal: Gulnur Gokçe and Cem Kahraman
  • Get Up! – Music: Mert Oktan / Vocal: Gulnur Gokçe
  • Dance With Me – Music: Mert Oktan / Vocal: Gulnur Gokçe
  • Walk With Me – Music: Mert Oktan / Vocal: Gulnur Gokçe
  • Let It Go Wold – Music: Mert Oktan / Vocal: Cem Kahraman

With a runtime of 1 hour and 39 minutes, the movie promises to deliver a mix of drama and romance that will keep audiences engaged throughout its duration.

The cast includes talented actors like Hakan Ummak, Ushan Cakir, and Alin alongside the lead stars Sokullu and Bilgic.

Art of Love Music Movie Soundtrack (2024 Netflix)
Art of Love Soundtrack (2024) – Credits: Netflix

As a Turkish production entering the realm of international streaming platforms like Netflix, “Art of Love” represents a significant addition to the diverse range of content available to global audiences.

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After the movie’s release, you’ll be able to listen to the complete soundtrack on platforms such as Apple MusicAmazon Music, and Spotify.

Art of Love Netflix Trailer:

Art of Love | Official Trailer | Netflix
Art of Love Soundtrack (2024 Netflix)

A blend of suspenseful storytelling, intricate character dynamics, and thematic exploration of love and betrayal, the movie is poised to make an impact on viewers seeking compelling narratives in the realm of drama and romance.

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