Glorious Soundtrack (2022)
Glorious Soundtrack (2022)

Glorious Soundtrack. In the 2022 horror-comedy “Glorious,” we meet Wes, a heartbroken man reeling from a recent breakup. Seeking solace, he finds himself at a deserted rest stop. His moment of reflection takes a turn for the bizarre when he encounters a mysterious voice emanating from the adjacent bathroom stall.

Trapped and unable to escape, Wes engages in a tense conversation with the unseen entity. This enigmatic figure seems to possess an unsettling knowledge of Wes’s life, leaving him both terrified and strangely intrigued.

Glorious Soundtrack List

  • Wait ’til The Sun Shines, Nellie – The Bell Sisters & Bing Crosby
  • Runnin’ Alone – The Windows
  • For a Good Time Call Someone Else – Deaf Club

As the situation unfolds, the line between reality and delusion begins to blur, forcing Wes to confront his grief and the true nature of his predicament.

Glorious Music Movie Soundtrack (2022)
Glorious Soundtrack (2022)

The film stars Ryan Kwanten (“True Blood”) as the troubled Wes, delivering a compelling performance that portrays his descent into bewilderment and desperation. J.K. Simmons (“Whiplash”) lends his distinctive voice to the unseen entity, imbuing it with an unsettling yet strangely charismatic presence. The supporting cast includes Ryan O’Nan (“Bates Motel”) and Julia Schlaepfer (“Succession”), who add depth and intrigue to the narrative.

The film‘s unique concept and suspenseful atmosphere are further enhanced by the chilling yet surprisingly catchy soundtrack composed by Jake Hull. The music seamlessly blends elements of horror and humor, mirroring the film’s genre-bending nature. The score effectively builds tension, punctuating key moments within the narrative and leaving a lasting impact on the viewer.

GLORIOUS Official Trailer (2022)
Glorious Soundtrack (2022)

While “Glorious” may not be for everyone, its blend of horror, dark humor, and psychological exploration offers a unique cinematic experience. With its strong performances, memorable soundtrack, and thought-provoking premise, the film leaves a lasting impression, prompting viewers to ponder the nature of reality and the depths of human despair.

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