Fresh Kills Soundtrack 2024
Fresh Kills Soundtrack 2024

Fresh Kills Soundtrack. This American drama film marks the directorial debut of actress Jennifer Esposito, who also wrote, produced, and stars alongside a talented cast including Emily Bader, Odessa A’zion, and Annabella Sciorra.

“Fresh Kills” delves into the lives of women often relegated to the background in mob narratives: the wives and daughters. The story unfolds in Staten Island during the late 1980s and early 1990s, offering a glimpse into their struggles and complexities. They navigate the unspoken code of conduct within this criminal world, yearning to break free from its constraints.

Fresh Kills Soundtrack List

The song list will be available as soon as the film premieres.

The film explores themes of family loyalty, societal expectations, and the desire for self-determination. “Fresh Kills” promises a nuanced portrayal of these women, going beyond the stereotypical one-dimensional characters often seen in mafia films.

Who Composed Fresh Kills Soundtrack?

Theodosia Roussos: Theodosia Roussos composed the music for the soundtrack of Fresh Kills. He is a conductor of orchestras that include the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Boston Philharmonic, and studios including Warner Bros., Sony, and EastWest.

Fresh Kills Music Movie Soundtrack 2024
Fresh Kills Soundtrack 2024

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Having premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in June 2023 and later screened at the Red Sea International Film Festival, “Fresh Kills” has garnered positive buzz. Critics praise its powerful performances, particularly from the female leads, and its unique perspective on a familiar genre.

Fresh Kills | Movie Clip: Car Scene
Fresh Kills Soundtrack 2024

With its release date approaching, “Fresh Kills” is poised to spark conversations about the complex lives of women caught in the world of organized crime. It offers a fresh perspective and promises to be a compelling addition to the mob movie landscape.

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