Ezra Soundtrack (2024)
Ezra Soundtrack (2024)

Ezra Soundtrack. A comedic drama directed by Tony Goldwyn that tackles the complexities of family and raising a child with special needs. Bobby Cannavale stars as Max Bernal, a struggling stand-up comedian who shares custody of his autistic son, Ezra (played by William Fitzgerald), with his ex-wife Jenna (Rose Byrne).

Max’s world is thrown into chaos when he feels the school system isn’t adequately supporting Ezra. In a rash decision, he takes Ezra on a road trip, sparking a frantic chase across the country.

Meanwhile, Robert De Niro portrays Max’s gruff father, Stan. Stan disapproves of Max’s impulsive actions and joins forces with Jenna to bring Ezra home safely.

Their journey becomes an unexpected bonding experience for Max and Ezra. Max’s initial frustration and fear gradually transform into a deeper understanding of his son.

Ezra Soundtrack List:

  • Coming as soon as the film premieres

What song plays in the Ezra movie trailer?

  • Carry You – Novo Amor

Hilarious moments arise from their misadventures, but the film also delves into the emotional challenges of raising a child on the autism spectrum.

Ezra Music Movie Soundtrack (2024)
Ezra Soundtrack (2024)

As the chase continues, Max must confront his own limitations and reconcile with his past. “Ezra” explores the importance of communication and empathy within families, particularly when dealing with a child who may not express themselves traditionally.

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Ezra – Official Trailer
Ezra Soundtrack (2024)

By the end, the film offers a heartwarming message of acceptance, growth, and the enduring power of love.

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