Death and Other Details Soundtrack Season 1
Death and Other Details Soundtrack Season 1

Death and Other Details Soundtrack. The story revolves around Imogene Scott, played by the ever-engaging Ella Purnell. Imogene, a curious and independent young woman, finds herself entangled in a locked-room murder mystery.

The victim, a wealthy socialite, is found dead in her cabin, and Imogene, due to a series of unfortunate events, becomes the prime suspect. To clear her name, she reluctantly joins forces with the brilliant yet eccentric detective Rufus Cotesworth, portrayed by the legendary Mandy Patinkin.

Together, this unlikely duo embarks on a journey to uncover the truth, navigating a web of lies, hidden agendas, and dark pasts harbored by the seemingly glamorous passengers and crew.

As they delve deeper, the investigation exposes secrets that threaten to destroy lives and reputations. The limited series unfolds like a classic whodunit, keeping viewers guessing until the very end.

Adding to the show‘s allure is the talented cast. Purnell delivers a nuanced performance as Imogene, portraying her transformation from wide-eyed innocence to determined sleuth with conviction.

Patinkin, known for his captivating presence, embodies the eccentric detective with wit and wisdom, creating a captivating on-screen partnership with Purnell.

The supporting cast also shines, with notable performances from Joanna Lumley, James Fleet, and Saskia Reeves, each bringing their unique characters to life and enriching the show’s tapestry.

Episode 1 Songs

  • Quando c’è la luna piena – Cocki Mazzetti
  • Tango Italiano – Cocki Mazzetti
  • Alors On Danse (feat. Erik Hassle) – Stromae
  • Mystery – Wipers

Episode 2 Songs

  • There, There – Radiohead
  • Is This Real? – Wipers
  • Pomeranian Spinster – Alvvays

Episode 3 Songs

  • Common People – Pulp

Episode 4 Songs

  • Date with the Night – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Episode 5 Songs

  • Tu non ‘e a chiagnere (Remastered) – Fred Bongusto
  • Perfect – Mannequin P***y
  • La Domenica – Sandro Delle Donne
  • Psycho Killer (LP Version) – Talking Heads

Episode 6 Songs

  • Come Sail Away – Death and Other Details Cast
  • You Ain’t Me – Frank Black

Episode 7 Songs

  • Comin’ Round – Josh Rifkin
  • Ooh La La – Silkworm
  • There, There – Radiohead
  • I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues – Elton John

Episode 8 Songs

  • Death – White Lies

Episode 9 Songs

  • Quando c’è la luna piena – Cocki Mazzetti
  • Rebel Rebel – David Bowie

Death and Other Details Music Series Soundtrack Season 1
Death and Other Details Soundtrack Season 1

Who is the composer of the series’ soundtrack?

Furthermore, the Hulu series boasts a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack composed by the composer Brocker Way. Way’s music weaves seamlessly into the fabric of the show, enhancing suspense, intrigue, and emotional moments. Whether it’s the tension of a clandestine meeting or the quiet introspection of our protagonists, the score elevates the viewing experience.

Death and Other Details is more than just a murder mystery; it’s a captivating exploration of human nature, secrets, and redemption.

Death and Other Details | Trailer | Hulu
Death and Other Details Soundtrack Season 1

With its intriguing plot, compelling characters, and hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, the series leaves a lasting impression, transporting viewers to a world where luxury and danger collide, and the truth comes at a hefty price. Whether you’re a fan of murder mysteries, stellar performances, or captivating music, this series is sure to keep you captivated until the very end.

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