Pyramid Game Soundtrack (2024)
Pyramid Game Soundtrack (2024)

Pyramid Game Soundtrack. An original Korean Drama Pyramid Game (Hangul: 피라미드 게임) soundtrack list. Pyramid Game (피라미드 게임) OST, song, music list.

“Pyramid Game” is a South Korean psychological thriller television series that delves into the dark side of school life. Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, the series takes viewers inside an all-girls high school where popularity isn’t just a desire, it’s a matter of survival.

The story unfolds around the lives of students in Class 2-5, where a twisted game called “Pyramid Game” dictates their social standing and well-being.

This monthly “popularity vote” assigns an “F” to the student with the least votes, transforming them into a target for relentless bullying and ostracization.

As the series progresses, we witness the devastating consequences of this game on the students. The constant pressure to be liked and the fear of falling to the bottom of the pyramid create a toxic environment, fueled by manipulation, betrayal, and desperation.

Who Composed the Pyramid Game Soundtrack?

GroovyRoom is a South Korean music producing and composing duo consisting of Park Gyu-jeong and Lee Hwi-min. Mainly known for their work in the hip-hop scene, particularly boom bap and trap, they have produced tracks for prominent artists like Jay Park and Sik-K. They’ve established their own label, AREA, and received several awards for their work, including Producer of the Year at the Korean Hip-hop Awards.

Pyramid Game 피라미드 게임 (Original Television Soundtrack)

  • Higher – Ava Grace
  • In The Dark – Ha Jin
  • Egypt – Noisy Choice
  • The Judgement – Jaeseong Kim, & COCONA
  • Blind – Jaeseong Kim &
  • Maze – Jaeseong Kim, 536 & OPRO
  • Silence – Seungyeon Lee
  • I have nothing to say? – Seungyeon Lee
  • a trick – Seungyeon Lee
  • Tension – Jaeseong Kim &
  • resolution – Jaeseong Kim &
  • 2nd Game – Jaeseong Kim &
  • a person who plays the flute – Jaeseong Kim &
  • a difficult situation – Jaeseong Kim &

Through the characters‘ struggles, “Pyramid Game” explores the complex themes of social pressure, bullying, and the lengths people go to in order to fit in.

It raises important questions about the impact of social media and the dangers of a society obsessed with popularity.

New series episodes released every Thursday on the streaming platform TVING. If you’re looking for a Korean drama that’s both thrilling and thought-provoking, “Pyramid Game” is definitely worth adding to your watchlist.

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