Boy Swallows Universe Soundtrack
Boy Swallows Universe Soundtrack 2024

Boy Swallows Universe Soundtrack. An emotional rollercoaster ride with Netflix‘s gripping new limited series, “Boy Swallows Universe.” Adapted from the acclaimed novel by Trent Dalton, the show delves into the turbulent life of Eli Bell, a twelve-year-old boy navigating the harsh realities of 1980s Brisbane, Australia.

Eli’s world is far from ordinary. His father is missing, his mother battles addiction, and his stepfather is a notorious drug dealer. With a selectively mute younger brother by his side, Eli seeks solace in books and dreams of becoming a journalist. But fate throws him a curveball when he answers a mysterious red phone, setting him on a dangerous path intertwined with love, loss, and redemption.

Boy Swallows Universe Soundtrack Episode 1

  •  The Unguarded Moment (Acoustic) – The Church
  •  Ruby Tuesday – The Rolling Stones
  •  I Send A Message – INXS

Boy Swallows Universe Soundtrack Episode 2

  • Be Good Johnny – Men At Work
  •  Australian National Anthem – Matthew Hetheringtom
  • Are You Right? – Nothin’ Suss
  • Steppin’ Out – BSU House Band & Ramil Jr Dinapo
  • Knock On Wood – BSU House Band & Trang Trinh

Boy Swallows Universe Soundtrack Episode 3

  • Golden Brown – The Stranglers
  •  Horror Movie – Skyhooks
  • Give A Little Bit – Roger Hodgson
  • I’ll Be Gone – Spectrum

Boy Swallows Universe Soundtrack Episode 4

  • Crazy Little Girl – Donald Height
  • Reckless – Australian Crawl

Boy Swallows Universe Soundtrack Episode 5

  • If I Needed You – Townes Van Zandt
  •  Only You – Yazoo
  • I Believe In Father Christmas – Greg Lake
  • Angels We Have Heard on High – The Miller Family Choir
  • Silent Night – The Miller Family Choir
  • Ruby Tuesday – The Rolling Stones
  • Am I ever Gonna See Your Face Again – The Angels
  • The First Noel – The Miller Family Choir

Boy Swallows Universe Soundtrack Episode 6

  • Boys Will Be Boys – Choirboys
  • The Piano Has Been Drinking – Tom Waits
  • Power And The Passion – Midnight Oil

Boy Swallows Universe Soundtrack Episode 7

  • Boys In town – Divinyls
  • Devil Inside – INXS
  • Pressure Sway – Machinations
  • Lost In Love – Air Supply
  • Desire – Talve
  • It Must Be Love – Labi Siffre

Beyond the Grit: A Multifaceted Story. While “Boy Swallows Universe” doesn’t shy away from portraying the bleak underbelly of Brisbane’s criminal scene, it’s much more than just a gritty crime drama. At its core, the series is a powerful coming-of-age story that explores themes of family, resilience, and the enduring power of hope.

Boy Swallows Universe Music Songs Netflix Soundtrack
Boy Swallows Universe Soundtrack

Eli’s journey is one of self-discovery as he grapples with complex emotions, navigates challenging relationships, and confronts the harsh realities of the world around him. His unwavering determination and fierce love for his family shine through, making him an unforgettable protagonist viewers will root for.

The series boasts a incredible cast, bringing Dalton’s characters to life with depth and nuance. Felix Cameron shines as the resourceful and courageous Eli, while Travis Jeffery shines as his vulnerable and endearing brother, Augie. The supporting cast, including Melissa Kajubi as the troubled yet loving mother and Bryan Messen as the intimidating stepfather, delivers equally captivating performances.

Boy Swallows Universe | Official Trailer | Netflix
Boy Swallows Universe Soundtrack

Brisbane itself becomes a vital character in the series, its sun-drenched streets and hidden alleyways serving as a backdrop for Eli’s extraordinary experiences. The vibrant local culture and the palpable tension of the criminal underworld are meticulously portrayed, immersing viewers in the unique atmosphere of the time and place.

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