Boarders Soundtrack (2024)
Boarders Soundtrack (2024)

Boarders Soundtrack. “Boarders,” the fresh and thought-provoking comedy-drama gracing BBC Three’s screens. Created by Daniel Lawrence Taylor, this six-part series promises a captivating journey exploring themes of class, race, and self-discovery through the lens of five inner-city London teenagers.

Five underprivileged Black students – the ambitious Liv, the streetwise Kofi, the studious Ben, the charismatic Jahari, and the introspective Angel – find their lives turned upside down when they win scholarships to the prestigious, and predominantly white, Ashfield Hall boarding school. Stepping out of their familiar urban reality, they enter a world that feels more Hogwarts than high school, filled with unspoken rules, unspoken privileges, and unspoken biases.

Boarders: Episode 1 Songs

  • Amplify – Guvna B & DarkoVibes
  • Never Gonna Stop (feat. DEVMO) – Two Hidden Labs
  • In a Bag – Leon Riley & Jamie Shield
  • Let Me See the Energy – Ben Sumner, Glenn Herweijer, Konstantinos Papalexopoulos
  • Fantasy for Orchestra “Night on Bald Mountain” – Franz Bauer-Theussl, Vienna Volksoper Orchestra

Boarders: Episode 2 Songs

  • Boom – Nadia Rose
  • Spiral – Fur Coat
  • Dark Side – Harlin James & Clav
  • Champion Sound – Juvanne Miller & Zachary Scipio
  • Boss B***h – Doja Cat
  • How Many Times – Lamour White, David Boafo, Jamie Shield

Boarders: Episode 3 Songs

  • Day Dah Light – Louise Bennett
  • Say Less – Ben Summer
  • Chillout – Frederic Duquesne, Julien Grunberg & Paul-Marie Barbier
  • Be My Own Woman – Panauh Kalayeh, James Desmond, Samantha Blanchard, Mikhail Johnson & Robert Gran
  • Never Gonna Stop (feat. DEVMO) – Two Hidden Labs
  • Party Like it’s 1984 – Steven Coronado
  • Talk To Me – Matthew Bento & Matthew Goodman

Boarders: Episode 4 Songs

  • New Orleans (After The City) – Hot 8 Brass Band
  • Hold Your Head – Luthernist
  • The Sooner The Better – Tom Hillock, Nicolas Boscovic, Ellen June
  • Tighten the Noose – Wayne Murray & Timothy Fleet
  • Never Gonna Stop (feat. DEVMO) – Two Hidden Labs
  • Feeling Supernatural – Simon Brown
  • No Mercy – Andrew Kingslow & Philip Kirby
  • Get Freaky – Krissie Karlsson, Karl Karlsson & Nicki Karlsson

Boarders: Episode 5 Songs

  • How Many Times – Lamour White, David Boafo & Jamie Shield
  • Stepping – Fabian johnson, Andrew Souter & Lee White
  • Mosquito – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • You Could Be (feat. George Riley) – Anz

Boarders: Episode 6 Songs

  • Rotate – K More
  • Sink Or Swim – Young Fathers
  • Set Fazers – Skindred
  • Black British – V V Brown

Boarders Music Series Soundtrack BBC 3 (2024)
Boarders Soundtrack (2024)

“Boarders” navigates the complex dynamics of navigating a new social landscape. The series delves into the challenges they face – microaggressions, cultural clashes, and the constant pressure to prove themselves – while also celebrating their resilience, humor, and unwavering support for each other. They forge a tight-knit bond, becoming each other’s anchors in a sea of unfamiliar faces and expectations.

But “Boarders” is more than just a coming-of-age story. It’s a social commentary that holds a mirror to our society, prompting viewers to reflect on issues of systemic inequality and the barriers faced by underprivileged communities. It doesn’t shy away from depicting the uncomfortable truths, sparking conversations about representation, belonging, and the true meaning of “fitting in.”

Boarders: Trailer | BRAND NEW SERIES
Boarders Soundtrack (2024)

With its witty dialogue, vibrant characters, and relatable experiences, BBC “Boarders” is poised to become a must-watch series. Whether you’re looking for a lighthearted comedy with depth, a thought-provoking exploration of social issues, or simply a show that celebrates the power of friendship, “Boarders” has something for everyone. So, tune in tonight and join these five extraordinary teenagers as they embark on a journey of self-discovery, challenging social norms and rewriting the rules of their own destinies.

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  1. I’ve been searching for the song played in episode 6 when Jahari reads the Latin to his friends! It’s so beautiful but can’t find it! Thanks in advance 😃

  2. Does anyone know the song played in the car on episode 4? Time stamp 9:36 – 9:47, can’t find it anywhere

    1. Hey!! I wrote this one for the show specifically so it hasn’t been released. If you wanna hear more message me on insta @daphne.mp3 :).

  3. What that song that plays at the end of Episode 5 when Omar tells Leah to leave him alone been searching for ages

  4. I’m looking for the song episode 6 just after the files get deleted Omar finds that note on the field can’t find that song anywhere
    Please help
    Boarders bbc 1

  5. What’s the song when the scholarship students or standing on the balcony I’ve been looking I can’t find it .. help

  6. Most of the tracks that are not listed were made by University of Westminster music students and a soundtrack will be released on 5th April.

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