The Cleaning Lady Soundtrack Season 3
The Cleaning Lady Soundtrack Season 3

The Cleaning Lady Soundtrack. An American series from Fox is on for the Season 3. Bellow you can see the list of the songs from the show.

Official Synopsis: A cleaning lady witnesses the murder of an FBI informant by a criminal organization and to prevent getting killed, she becomes a cleaner for them. Soon the FBI approach her to become an informant herself. She then has to navigate the situation on her own to avoid numerous perils.

Stars: Élodie Yung, Adan Canto, Martha Millan, Sebastien and Valentino LaSalle, Faith Bryant, Eva De Dominici, Naveen Andrews, Kate del Castillo, Santiago Cabrera, Clayton Cardenas

The Cleaning Lady Music Series Soundtrack Season 3
The Cleaning Lady Soundtrack Season 3

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Soundtrack List

Episode 1 Songs

  • LWKY (feat. SwKeith, JtheKidd, YP) – Teys
  • SLB – Teys
  • Caiste – Kensaye & Fedzilla
  • Knockin – Tim Atlas

Episode 2 Songs

  • So My Darling (Acoustic) – Rachel Chinouriri
  • Push It – Garbage

Episode 3 Songs

  • Sister Take My Hand – Eerie Wanda

Episode 4 Songs

  • Here Comes Trouble – Neoni
  • No Fuí Yo – Sgt. Papers
  • Listo Pa’ Pelear (feat. German Briseño, Cucovich & Nova Mariéé) – HeXe Joint
  • Triumph – Bishop Briggs

Episode 5 Songs

  • Rise Up – Rizzi Myers & Wake The Lion
  • Holy Ghost $$$ – Esty

Episode 6 Songs

Episode 7 Songs

Episode 8 Songs

Episode 9 Songs

  • Boomerang – EJ Sará
  • Great Escape – James Donald Davies & Simon Diamond
  • God – Jake Daniels
  • Ride (feat. Kole) – YAS
  • One Way Or Another – Until The Ribbon Breaks

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The Cleaning Lady Season 3 First Look Preview (HD) Elodie Yung series
The Cleaning Lady Soundtrack Season 3

Series Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Season 3 Release Date: March 5, 2024

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