Bandidos Soundtrack (2024 Netflix)
Bandidos Soundtrack (2024 Netflix)

Bandidos Soundtrack. Series Songs and music from and inspired by Bandidos OST. Bandidos soundtrack from the Netflix show.

The 2024 Netflix series “Bandidos” follows a quirky hustler who assembles a team of skilled misfits to search for the Snake King’s treasure in the Maya Riviera. The show promises an adventurous storyline reminiscent of Indiana Jones and National Treasure, adding an exciting twist to the caper genre.

Set in a vibrant and intriguing backdrop, the series is expected to blend elements of mystery, adventure, and teamwork as the characters embark on their quest for the hidden treasure.

With a cast including Ester Expósito, Mabel Cadena, Alfonso Dosal, and Juan Pablo Medina, “Bandidos” brings together a talented ensemble to portray this unique tale of treasure hunting and camaraderie.

The characters’ dynamics and interactions are likely to play a significant role in shaping the narrative, offering viewers a mix of humor, suspense, and action throughout the series.

Each member of the gang is expected to bring their own set of skills and quirks to the table, creating an engaging and diverse group dynamic.

The premiere of “Bandidos” in March, 13 2024 marks an exciting addition to Netflix’s original programming lineup, showcasing the platform’s commitment to delivering fresh and captivating content to its audience.

Bandidos Soundtrack List

Episode 1 Songs

  • One Way Or Another – Blondie
  • NUEVA VIDA – Peso Pluma
  • La Falda de Matilde – Santiago Ramirez Roa
  • Ça Plane Pour Moi – Plastic Bertrand

Episode 2 Songs

  • Contando lunares (feat. Cruz Cafuné) – Don Patricio
  • Deceptacon – Le Tigre

Episode 3 Songs

  • La mariguana – Oscar Chavez
  • Cancion del Mariachi – Los Lobos y Antonio Banderas
  • Los Caminos De La Vida – Los Diablitos

Episode 4 Songs

  • Las mañanitas – Alfonso Esparza Oteo
  • Galvanize – The Chemical Brothers

Episode 5 Songs

  • Muerte en Hawaii – Calle 13
  • Money – The Flying Lizards
  • Puttin’ On The Ritz – Taco
  • Coolo – Illya Kuryaki and The Valderramas

Episode 6 Songs

Episode 7 Songs

  • La Llorona (Tradicional)
  • History Repeating – Propellerheads
  • NUEVA VIDA – Peso Pluma

As part of Netflix‘s ongoing efforts to offer a wide range of genres and themes, “Bandidos” stands out as a promising entry that combines elements of adventure, mystery, and teamwork in a visually stunning setting like the Maya Riviera.

Bandidos Music Series Soundtrack (2024 Netflix)
Bandidos Soundtrack (2024 Netflix)

Fans of heist dramas and treasure hunt adventures are likely to find “Bandidos” a compelling watch, with its blend of intriguing plotlines, charismatic characters, and exotic locations.

The series is poised to offer viewers an immersive experience filled with twists and turns as the gang navigates through challenges in their quest for the elusive Snake King’s treasure.

After the series’s release, you’ll be able to listen to the complete soundtrack on platforms such as Apple MusicAmazon Music, and Spotify.

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Bandidos | Official Trailer | Netflix
Bandidos Soundtrack (2024 Netflix)

Overall, “Bandidos” presents an enticing mix of escapades, humor, and suspense that is sure to captivate audiences seeking an exhilarating binge-watching experience on Netflix.

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