After Everything Soundtrack (2023)
After Everything Soundtrack (2023)

After Everything Soundtrack. Movie Songs and music from and inspired by After Everything OST. After Everything soundtrack from the film.

“After Everything” is a 2023 movie that follows the story of Hardin Scott, a best-selling author who travels to Portugal to make amends after breaking up with his true love, Tessa Young. The film delves into Hardin’s struggles with moving forward post-breakup, as he grapples with writer’s block and harmful habits while trying to finish his next book under pressure from his publisher.

The narrative unfolds as Hardin embarks on a journey to Portugal to confront a woman from his past, Natalie, in an attempt to forgive himself and envision a future with Tessa.

The movie received mixed reviews, with some fans expressing disappointment over the absence of Josephine Langford, who played Tessa Young, the female lead in the previous films of the franchise. Despite Hero Fiennes Tiffin reprising his role as Hardin Scott, Langford’s reduced screen time sparked backlash among fans who felt that her character was essential to the series.

The absence of Langford led to discussions about the direction of the film and its departure from the original storyline depicted in the books by Anna Todd.

Critics highlighted that “After Everything” struggled to capture the essence of the franchise, with some reviews pointing out that the movie misunderstood the core elements that made the series popular. The film’s focus on Hardin as the protagonist, sidelining Tessa to hallucinations or brief appearances, was criticized for deviating from the dynamic that fans had come to love in the previous installments.

After Everything (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Original Music composed by George Kallis

  • After Everything (5:37)
  • Love Is Patient (2:28)
  • It Was Our Story (1:23)
  • Flashback at the Club (1:26)
  • Visiting Natalie (1:53)
  • I Really Like You (1:24)
  • We’re Over (1:16)
  • I’m Trying (0:45)
  • You Taped It (2:36)
  • Portuguese Coast (0:33)
  • Cliff Diving (1:54)
  • Remembering Tessa (4:14)
  • Christian’s Advice (2:15)
  • That Is Success (1:55)
  • Sailing (0:34)
  • Without Your Consent (1:35)
  • I Love You Son (1:29)
  • A Lot of Bravery (1:00)
  • Beautiful Memories (3:03)
  • Natalie’s House (1:02)
  • Go and Talk to Her (1:08)
  • Nora and Landon’s Wedding (1:18)
  • Hardin’s Best Man Speech (1:10)
  • The Proposal (1:17)
  • After Everything Remix – George Kallis & NicoTheOwl (4:10)

After Everything Soundtrack List: Additional Music

  • Low – Gina Royale
  • Hidden Language – Romantic Thriller
  • Love Tonight – Shouse
  • We Are All Fools in Love – George Kallis
  • Wasted Space – Katrina Weissman
  • Under the Sand – AVR
  • Into the Sun – Viagra Boys
  • Bad Decisions – BOBI ANDONOV
  • Sunset – Caroline Polachek
  • Space – Ronni Ohlers Hauptmann
  • Stand Strong – I Love Plur
  • Catharsis – Marqu7se
  • I’m Her Friend Too – George Kallis
  • Brief Reprieve – Seamus Graff
  • Fire and Rain (Extended Mix) – South Pole
  • Something More – Harry Valentine & Serra Altan
  • Something About You (feat. Evan Scott) – Dorian Wyld
  • So Proud – George Kallis
  • You deserve Love – White Reaper
  • Pillow Valley – Your Hunni
  • Baby I’m Yours – Breakbot & Irfane
  • Something New – Paul Stanborough & Edward James
  • I Found – Amber Run
  • Us (Acoustic) – James Bay
  • Long Ride – Taylor Conrad

Additionally, the movie’s narrative choices and execution were questioned for their departure from the established storyline and character development seen in earlier films.

Despite its shortcomings, “After Everything” attempted to explore Hardin’s personal growth and redemption arc as he navigates past mistakes and seeks reconciliation with Tessa.

After Everything Music Movie Soundtrack (2023)
After Everything Soundtrack (2023)

The film aimed to depict Hardin’s journey towards self-forgiveness and a renewed commitment to changing his ways in order to win back Tessa and make a lasting commitment to her.

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AFTER EVERYTHING Official Trailer (2023) After 5
After Everything Soundtrack (2023)

Overall, “After Everything” marked the final chapter in the After film franchise, leaving fans with mixed feelings about its conclusion and deviation from the original source material.

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