5lbs of Pressure Soundtrack (2024)
5lbs of Pressure Soundtrack (2024)

5lbs of Pressure Soundtrack. Movie Songs and music from and inspired by 5lbs of Pressure OST. 5lbs of Pressure soundtrack from the film.

The newly released action-thriller “5lbs of Pressure” (2024) throws a punch with its intense story and star-studded cast.

Released on March 8th, the film has already garnered attention for its gritty portrayal of second chances and the weight of past actions.

Luke Evans takes the lead as Adam, an ex-convict returning to his old neighborhood after serving 16 years for murder. Redemption is his goal, but the path is treacherous.

His estranged son grapples with his father’s absence, and the vengeful brother of his victim lurks in the shadows. Meanwhile, Mike (played by Rory Culkin), tired of working for his drug-dealing uncle (Alex Pettyfer), desires a different life.

As Adam and Mike’s paths collide, their intertwined destinies lead them down a violent path. The film explores themes of forgiveness, guilt, and the struggle to escape one’s past.

Director Phil Allocco masterfully builds tension, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the 1 hour and 51-minute runtime.

5lbs of Pressure Soundtrack List

  • Un, Dos, Tres – Brian Joseph McKenna
  • Make It Rain – Brian Joseph McKenna
  • When It All Comes Down – Phil Allocco, Sean Carmody, Robert Steele and Shane Verdy
  • Carry On, Love Is Dawning – Salvadore Poe
  • Dream of Reason – Drew Lehman
  • On The News – Rob De Luca, Paul Casanova
  • Queen of Sheba – Brian Joseph McKenna
  • Come – Addie Flaxx, Jimmy Schulman and Kirke Biankenship
  • Never Come Down – Dogma
  • Stand by Your Fool – – Max Vanderwolf
  • Headway – Max Vanderwolf
  • Drowning Man – Dogma
  • Escargot_ALT2 – Ryan S. Fletcher
  • If This Is Love – Max Vanderwolf
  • Something for Nothing – Max Vanderwolf
  • Too Much – Daniel Davis, Patrick Glynn
  • i Am Not A Mountain – Vanderwolf

“5lbs of Pressure” boasts a strong supporting cast, with Alex Pettyfer delivering a chilling performance as the ruthless drug lord. The film also features impressive action sequences, showcasing Evans’ physical prowess and adding another layer of excitement.

5lbs of Pressure Music Movie Soundtrack (2024)
5lbs of Pressure Soundtrack (2024) – Credits: IMDb

While the plot delves into familiar territory of redemption and revenge, the performances and execution elevate the experience.

Critical reception has been mixed, with some praising the film’s suspenseful atmosphere and Evans’ performance, while others find the story predictable and the violence excessive.

5lbs of Pressure (2024) Official Trailer - Luke Evans, Rory Culkin, Alex Pettyfer
5lbs of Pressure Soundtrack (2024)

However, “5lbs of Pressure” is sure to ignite conversation with its thought-provoking themes and high-octane action. Whether you’re a fan of Evans, action thrillers, or stories about second chances, this film is worth checking out. Just be prepared for a pulse-pounding ride.

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