Wreck Soundtrack Season 2
Wreck Soundtrack Season 2

Wreck Soundtrack Season 2. The BBC Three series returns. Create by Ryan J. Brown and directed by Chris Baugh. List of songs that played in episodes of the show.

Series Genre: Comedy, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Season 2 Release Date: March 26, 2024

Stars: Oscar Kennedy as Jamie Walsh/”Cormac Kelly”, Jack Rowan as Danny Jones, Anthony Rickman as Olly Reyes, Louis Boyer as Sam Rhodes, Thaddea Graham as Vivian Lim, Alice Nokes as Sophia Leigh, Peter Claffey as Comac Kelly, Miya Ocego as Rosie Preston, Jodie Tyack as Pippa Walsh

Wreck Music Series Soundtrack Season 2
Wreck Soundtrack Season 2

Wreck (Original Score)

Original Music Composed by Steve Lynch

  • Welcome to Exodum (2:00)
  • Enter the Lair of the Freak (3:06)
  • Trust Nobody (0:51)
  • O (3:26)
  • Beaker Returns (0:44)
  • It’s Going to Be Beautiful (1:42)
  • People in the Woods (2:34)
  • How Did They Find Us? (1:51)
  • Dark Basement of Death (2:54)
  • I Am Just Getting Started (1:31)
  • I’ll Leave You Two to Catch Up (2:11)
  • Hello Barbie (1:00)
  • The Choice (2:12)
  • You Can Only Pick One (2:59)

Wreck Season 2 Soundtrack List, by episodes.

Episode 1 Songs

  • Padam Padam – Kylie Minogue
  • Your Kind Of Freak – Joanie
  • Dead of Night – Orville Peck

Episode 2 Songs

  • The Clutch – Palehound
  • Devil Like You – Gareth Dunlop

Episode 3 Songs

  • Alley Bells – Brian Just
  • God Only Knows – No Oil Paintings

Episode 4 Songs

Episode 5 Songs

Episode 6 Songs

The new cast in the series are: Bradley Riches, Alan Dale , Orlando Norman, Sam Buttery, Greg Austin , Carolyn Bracken, Shaheen Jafargholi , Phil Martin, Niamh Walsh and Buck Braithwaite.

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Wreck Series 2 | Trailer
Wreck Soundtrack Season 2

Produced by Euston Films, Noemi Spanos, Tommy Bulfin, Chris Baugh, the series will premiere on 26 march 2024 on BBC Three.

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