The Rehearsal Soundtrack
The Rehearsal Soundtrack 2022

The Rehearsal Soundtrack. Ever wish you could rewind and redo life’s big moments? Enter Nathan Fielder’s bizarre and brilliant brainchild, “The Rehearsal,” an HBO docu-comedy that explores the lengths one man will go to minimize life’s uncertainties.

Fielder, known for his hilarious and awkward interventions in “Nathan For You,” takes a new approach. He helps ordinary people “rehearse” for pivotal moments in their lives, from proposing marriage to navigating parenthood. But his methods are anything but ordinary.

The Rehearsal Soundtrack Episode 1

  • A Touch Of Elegance – Thierry Caroubi
  • Pure Imagination – Gene Wilder

The Rehearsal Soundtrack Episode 2

  • Clear View (2) – Peter Rockwell, Jonas Struck & Asger Wilde
  • Fullness Of Time – Richard Wilkinson

The Rehearsal Soundtrack Episode 3

  • From The Ground Up – Christian Garrick
  • Orbit – Christian Garrick
  • Autumn Breeze – Joshua Pacey
  • Beloved (a 60) – Nikk Hope
  • Beneath The Surface (a 60) – Sophy Olivia Purnell

The Rehearsal Soundtrack Episode 4

  • Peaceful String – Lionel Wendling & Laurent Zeller
  • Whirls Of Genius (Alternate 1) – Peter Gjeraae Sabroe & Morten Andersen Soegaard
  • New Developments – Andrew Ernest & Nicholas Hill
  • Thermals – Jeremy Young & Adam Burns
  • Drop Zone – Garrett Weyenberg & Brian Delgado

The Rehearsal Soundtrack Episode 5

  • Honfleur – Cyrille Aufort
  • Genuine Connections – Andrew James Simmons
  • Spring Romance – Anne-Sophie Versnaeyen & Gabriel Saban

The Rehearsal Soundtrack Episode 6

  • Renewal – Victoria Dewavrin & Oliver MacCalman

Think elaborate simulations, meticulously chosen actors, and an almost limitless budget at Fielder’s disposal. As participants rehearse their futures, lines blur between reality and fabrication, leading to hilarious, thought-provoking, and sometimes unsettling situations.

While many participants play themselves on the series, several key supporting actors bring Fielder’s world to life:

The Rehearsal Soundtrack Music Songs
The Rehearsal Soundtrack

Anna Lamadrid: Playing both a fictionalized version of Fielder’s love interest and her real-life counterpart, Lamadrid adds a layer of intrigue and emotional complexity.
Child Actors: Young actors like Lennon O’Flynn and Joshua James Benard portray different stages of one character’s life, highlighting the challenges of rehearsing childhood experiences.
Fake Nathan: Alexander Leiss steps in as a “stand-in” for Fielder in some scenarios, blurring the lines between reality and performance.

While “The Rehearsal” offers plenty of comedic gold, it delves deeper than mere entertainment. It raises questions about social awkwardness, the human desire for control, and the very nature of reality itself. Fielder’s signature brand of cringe humor seamlessly blends with genuine human connection, creating a unique and unforgettable viewing experience.

The Rehearsal | Official Trailer | HBO
The Rehearsal Soundtrack

Unique Blend of Genres: Docu-comedy, social experiment, and philosophical treatise, “The Rehearsal” defies categorization, making it a truly original watch.

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