The Great Lillian Hall Soundtrack (2024)
The Great Lillian Hall Soundtrack (2024)

The Great Lillian Hall Soundtrack. A 2024 HBO Max movie directed by Michael Cristofer. Music from the film bellow.

Lillian Hall, an actress who is synonymous with Broadway has never missed a performance throughout her long, illustrious career. Not for her daughter, not for illness, not for any reason. Yet in the rehearsals leading to her next Broadway production, her confidence is challenged. People and events conspire to take away her ability to do what she loves most. The film is based on American stage actress Marian Seldes.

Cast: Jessica Lange as Lillian Hall, Kathy Bates as Edith Wilson, Lily Rabe as Margaret Tanner, Jesse Williams as David, Pierce Brosnan as Ty Maynard, Katerina Eichenberger as Polly, Lauren Buglioli as Dunyasha.

Genres: Drama
Release Date: May 31, 2024

The Great Lillian Hall Soundtrack List

  • Mockingbird Lullaby – Amanda McBroom
  • Shine On, Harvest Moon – Jason Todd Shannon
  • Purple Bamboo – Cheng Yu
  • Hush Little Baby – Jessica Lange & Lily Rabe

Music Score Composer: Mac Quayle

The Great Lillian Hall Trailer

External Links: IMDb
Movie Streaming on / Network: HBO Max
Production companies: HBO Films

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    1. The song at the end, “The Mockingbird” by Amanda McBroom, was so incredibly perfect; I loved the lyrics.
      Jessica Lange did another Oscar-worthy performance. It was a fantastic movie.

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