The Good Doctor Soundtrack Season 7
The Good Doctor Soundtrack Season 7

The Good Doctor Soundtrack Season 7. “The Good Doctor” is scheduled to begin airing on Tuesday, February 20th on ABC.

A Farewell Season. Season 7 will be the final chapter for Dr. Shaun Murphy and the team at St. Bonaventure Hospital. This bittersweet news was confirmed in late 2023, leaving fans both excited and emotional for the concluding episodes.

Due to production delays, Season 7 will be shorter than usual, consisting of only 10 episodes. Despite the limited timeframe, co-showrunner David Shore assures fans that the season will pack a punch, delivering satisfying closure to character arcs and storylines.

Who is the composer for the series The Good Doctor?

Dan Romer, an acclaimed composer, songwriter, and producer, has captivated audiences with his diverse musical touch.

From the haunting melodies of “Beasts of the Southern Wild” and the Emmy-nominated score for “Station Eleven” to the infectiously joyous tunes of “Luca” and the global hit “Say Something,” Romer’s talent transcends genres, bringing depth and emotion to film, television, video games, and popular music alike.

As he continues to weave his sonic magic, one can only anticipate the next project where his music will resonate and leave a lasting impact.

The Good Doctor Season 7 Soundtrack List

Episode 1 Songs: Baby, Baby, Baby – S07E01 (February 20)

  • Takin’ Care Of Business – Bachman-Turner Overdrive

Episode 2 Songs: Skin in the Game – S07E02 (February 27)

Episode 3 Songs: Critical Support – S07E03 (March 19)

  • sun keeps on shining – almost monday
  • Brighter Days – Joff Hale

Episode 4 Songs: Date Night – S07E04 (March 26)

  • Angel – Anita Baker
  • My Life Is In Your Hands – Kirk Franklin e Maverick City Music
  • No Weapon – Fred Hammond
  • The Only One – Francois Klark
  • La Bamba – Ritchie Valens
  • Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur
  • Be There · Rupert

Episode 5 Songs: Who At Peace – S07E05 (April 2)

  • Alive (feat. Curt Smith) – Palms Station (Amazon)
  • Who By Fire – Leonard Cohen (Amazon)

Episode 6 Songs: M.C.E. – S07E06 (April 9)

  • Have I Ever Left Your Side? – Aron Wright (Amazon)
  • I Know You – Cayson Renshaw (Amazon)
  • How To Say Goodbye – Ames & Beza (Amazon)

Episode 7 Songs: Faith – S07E07 (April 30)

  • Beautiful Life – BURNS & SVRCINA (Episode Promo Music) (AmazonItunes)
  • Stay Alive – José González (AmazonItunes)

Episode 8 Songs: The Overview Effect – S07E08 (May 07)

Episode 9 Songs: Unconditional – S07E09 (May 14)

Episode 10 Songs: Goodbye – S07E10 (Series Finale May 21)

  • Known – The Dramatics (AmazonItunes)
  • Leaves are Changing (feat. Tristan Bushman) – Wilderwater (AmazonItunes)

Expect to see further developments in Shaun’s relationship with Lea, including milestones and potential hurdles. Meanwhile, other core characters like Claire, Park, and Glassman will also likely face personal and professional challenges that test their bonds.

The final season promises to be an emotional journey for both characters and viewers. Prepare for heartwarming moments, tearful goodbyes, and ultimately, a satisfying conclusion to the series that has captured hearts for six seasons.

A Legacy of Inclusion. “The Good Doctor” has garnered praise for its portrayal of autism and the struggles faced by individuals with neurodivergence. The final season, wich will be streaming on Hulu, is expected to continue this representation, leaving a lasting legacy of inclusivity in television.

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  1. Oh man, i need too know what’s the last song in episode 4 of The Good Doctor !! What a beautiful music

    1. The song at the end of the episode Date Night is Be There by Rupert. I haven’t been searching for this song ever since! 😉

      1. Hi, I need the name of last song played from the season finale of the Good Doctor …..Thanks!

    1. Its already written above if u didnt mention it. Everyone is looking for one song last(after “say you wont let go ) . And no one didnt find it yet.

  2. I am looking for the name of the song that was playing in season 7 episode 8 of the good doctor when Glassman goes home and finds the girl he was helping (Anna I believe is her name) overdosed in his bathroom.

  3. I am looking for the version of “I need you” that played in Season 7 episode 9. I want to play it at my wedding and can’t find it anywhere

  4. What is the song the two doctor were singing towards the end of Season 7, Episode 9 of The Good Doctor.

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