The Girls on the Bus Soundtrack (2024)
The Girls on the Bus Soundtrack (2024)

The Girls on the Bus Soundtrack. Premiering March 14th on Max, “The Girls on the Bus” is a thrilling blend of political intrigue, personal journeys, and female empowerment.

Centered on four ambitious journalists: Sadie, Lola, Kimberlyn, and Grace, who navigate the demanding world of covering a presidential campaign.

These women forge deep friendships and face personal challenges as they crisscross the country, trailing a field of flawed candidates.

The series explores the sacrifices they make, the ethical dilemmas they encounter, and the moments of joy and camaraderie that sustain them on the relentless campaign trail.

It goes into the personal lives of these women, their ambitions, their relationships, and their vulnerabilities. We see them grapple with love, loss, and the constant pressure to balance their careers with their personal lives.

As the campaign intensifies, so do their struggles, forcing them to confront their own demons and define who they are beyond the headlines.

Also show the complexities of modern journalism. With fake news rampant and the lines between objectivity and bias blurring, the girls must navigate the ethical minefield of reporting on high-stakes elections.

Below you can see the music that played in the series, listed by episode.

The Girls on the Bus Soundtrack List

The Girls on the Bus Soundtrack: Episode 1 Songs:

  • All Eyes On Me – Foxxi (The Girls on the Bus Trailer Music)
  • Loco Enamorado (En Vivo) – Industria del Amor
  • Dancing In The Dark – Lucy Dacus (Bruce Springsteen Cover)
  • Fleez – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Raising Hands Raising Hell Raise ’em High – The Wind And The Wave
  • Big Boy – Payday
  • I Was Neon – Julia Jacklin

The Girls on the Bus Soundtrack: Episode 2 Songs:

  • The Passenger – Siouxsie and the Banshees
  • These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ – Nancy Sinatra
  • Open My Heart – Yolanda Adams
  • look up – Joy Oladokun
  • Hand in My Pocket – Alanis Morissette

The Girls on the Bus Soundtrack: Episode 3 Songs:

  • Gotta Lot of Rhythm In My Soul – Patsy Cline
  • Walk – Tay Money
  • Pony – Ginuwine
  • Woman (feat. The Dap-Kings Horns) – Kesha
  • Fuzz Jam (Harvey Sutherland X-Tra Fuzz Remix) – The Lazy Eyes
  • The Cissy’s Thang – The Soul Seven
  • Lady in the Darkest Hour – Kate Bollinger
  • It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue – Them

The Girls on the Bus Soundtrack: Episode 4 Songs:

  • We Belong – The Girls on the Bus Cast
  • Feels Like Heaven – Inger Lise Rypdal
  • Son of a Gun –The Girls on the Bus Cast
  • End of the World – Dana Williams

The Girls on the Bus Soundtrack: Episode 5 Songs:

  • Sweet Symphony (feat. Chris Stapleton) – Joy Oladokun
  • I Love Dancin’ – Tisa Weathersbee
  • Sunflower Eyes – Jonathan Palmer, Leif Van Cleef, Micky Mikkelson, Johnny Sunbeam, Sybie Ross-Talbot
  • Girls Just Want to Have Fun – STRFKR

The Girls on the Bus Soundtrack: Episode 6 Songs:

  • Dumb Dumb – Mazie
  • Hertz – Amyl and the Sniffers
  • I Do What I Want – Rebel Hearts Club
  • Gone Gone Gone – French for Rabbits

They face pressure from their editors, online trolls, and even the candidates themselves, making their pursuit of truth a constant battle.

The Girls on the Bus Music Series Soundtrack (2024)
The Girls on the Bus Soundtrack (2024)

Beyond the individual stories, HBO Max “The Girls on the Bus” paints a broader picture of the American political landscape. It explores the power dynamics, the influence of special interests, and the often-messy reality of the democratic process.

It doesn’t shy away from highlighting the flaws of the system, while also celebrating the resilience and determination of those fighting to make their voices heard.

The Girls on the Bus | Official Trailer | Max
The Girls on the Bus Soundtrack (2024)

“The Girls on the Bus” series, the journey as these four women chase headlines, dreams, and perhaps even change the course of history.

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