The Gentlemen Soundtrack Netflix (2024)
The Gentlemen Soundtrack Netflix (2024)

The Gentlemen Soundtrack Netflix. Debuting on March 7, 2024, “The Gentlemen” is a brand new Netflix series from director Guy Ritchie, known for his action-packed crime comedies like “Snatch” and “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.”

This series serves as a loose spin-off of Ritchie’s 2019 film of the same name, but features a fresh story and cast.

The show centers around Eddie Halstead, an unsuspecting aristocrat who inherits his late father’s sprawling estate. However, Eddie soon discovers a shocking truth: the seemingly prestigious property is actually a front for a lucrative marijuana operation.

Thrown into a world of criminal underworlds and high-stakes dealings, Eddie must navigate a complex web of characters, each with their own agendas and ambitions.

Theo James takes on the lead role of Eddie, a young man thrust into a world far removed from his aristocratic upbringing. The series also boasts a star-studded supporting cast, including Kaya Scodelario, Daniel Ings, and Matt Smith.

Who composed the Netflix The Gentlemen Soundtrack?

Christopher Benstead is a British film composer who has collaborated extensively with director Guy Ritchie, composing for films like “The Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare” and “The Gentlemen.” He has also arranged and composed additional music for major films like “Aladdin” and “Beauty and the Beast,” and even won Academy and BAFTA awards for his work on “Gravity.”

The Gentlemen (Soundtrack from the Netflix Series)

  • The Gentlemen Titles
  • Father Passes
  • Halstead Manor
  • Susie Glass
  • Jimmy Got the Munchies
  • Freddy Not Happy
  • Meet Uncle Sam
  • Daddy What You up To
  • Joey Bang Bang
  • The Fight
  • Felix Takes Control
  • You Will Dance
  • Uncle Stans Soiree
  • Sniffing Around My Woods
  • Grand Complication
  • Off My Land
  • Jimmy in Love
  • Tony Blair
  • Mclaren Test Drive
  • Biblical Punishment
  • Sit Down Frank
  • One of 12 Farms
  • Florian De Groot
  • Generators Nicked
  • Horse and Caravan
  • A Similar Seat
  • Sojourn for Jack
  • I’m Taking Over
  • Gabrielle Duped
  • Vindication Is Upon Us

The Gentlemen Soundtrack Netflix List

Episode 1 Songs:

  • Halstead Maոor – Chris Benstead
  • God Song – Toydrum & Gavin Clark
  • Old McDonald – Ella Fitzgerald

Episode 2 Songs:

  • Kop That – Aystar
  • I Wish a B***h Would – Delilah Bon
  • Oh Shit – The Pharcyde

Episode 3 Songs:

  • Break-Thru – Gordon Mills
  • I Oոly Have Eyes for You – The Flamingos
  • Oh Shit – The Pharcyde
  • Baddest MF (BMF) – Zae
  • McLaren Test Drive – Chris Benstead

Episode 4 Songs:

  • Noո, Je Ne Regrette Rien – Edith Piaf
  • Who Can Know My Heart – Lily Chao

Episode 5 Songs:

  • Some Thiոgs (feat. Rodney P & Tiece) – The Herbaliser
  • Generators Nicked – Chris Benstead
  • Keep It Movin’ – Jungle Brown
  • Horse and Caravan – Chris Benstead
  • Ride or Die – HI-LO & Eli Brown
  • A Similar Seat – Chris Benstead
  • Daddy What You Up To – Chris Benstead
  • Starting Fires – Lazy Habits
  • Florian De Groot – Chris Benstead

Episode 6 Songs:

  • In a Gadda Da Vida – Incredible Bongo Band
  • Messa Da Requiem: 2 Dies irae (SOCM 1) – Vienna Philarmonic Herbert von Karajan, Chor der Wiener Staatsoper, Chorus of the Sofia National Opera & Walter Hagen-Groll
  • Genesis – Justice
  • I’m Taking Over – Chris Benstead
  • The Gentlemen Titles – Chris Benstead

Episode 7 Songs:

  •  Innocence – Gabriels
  • Woohaa – Kojey Radical
  • The Lost Soul – The Handsome Family

Episode 8 Songs:

  • Nothing is Safe – Clipping

The Gentlemen Music Series Soundtrack Netflix (2024)
The Gentlemen Soundtrack Netflix (2024)

Fans of Guy Ritchie‘s signature style can expect the show to be packed with his trademark sharp dialogue, witty humor, and stylized action sequences.

While retaining the essence of the original film’s world, “The Gentlemen” promises a unique story with new characters and conflicts. (IMDb)

The Gentlemen | A new series from Guy Ritchie Official Teaser | Netflix

Whether you’re a fan of the 2019 movie or simply enjoy Ritchie’s distinctive filmmaking style, this series is definitely worth checking out on Netflix.

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