The Gathering Soundtrack 2024
The Gathering Soundtrack 2024

The Gathering Soundtrack 2024. A new British series from Channel 4 created by Helen Walsh. Music from the show bellow.

Genre: Crime Drama
Season 1 Release Date: 4 May, 2024

The violent attack on a teenage girl in a tidal islet in which group of teens from disparate backgrounds, each of whom could have committed the crime, along with their parents. (Synopsis)

The Gathering Soundtrack List, by episodes

Episode 1 Songs – S01E01

Episode 2 Songs – S01E02

Episode 3 Songs – S01E03

Episode 4 Songs – S01E04

Episode 5 Songs – S01E05

Episode 6 Songs – S01E06

  • Roll Back – George FitzGerald & Lil Silva (ItunesAmazon)

Stars: Sadie Soverall, Eva Morgan, Vinette Robinson, Warren Brown, Richard Coyle, Sonny Walker, Luca Kamleh-Chapman, Hebron Tedros, Max Johnson.

Music Supervisor: Mark Kirby
Series Streaming on / Network: Channel 4
Production companies: World Productions

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