So Help Me Todd Season 2 Soundtrack
So Help Me Todd Season 2 Soundtrack

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Soundtrack. As gavel meets courtroom table, the mother-son duo you never knew you needed is back! “So Help Me Todd” Season 2 kicks off on February 15th, bringing the witty banter and heart-warming dynamics between the uptight lawyer Margaret Wright (Marcia Gay Harden) and her laid-back ex-PI son Todd (Skylar Astin) to a whole new level.

Expect fresh legal adventures, family drama with a sprinkle of humor, and an ever-evolving relationship between the unlikely partners.

Todd’s unconventional methods clash with Margaret’s legal prowess as they tackle seemingly impossible challenges. They’ll uncover hidden truths, face off against formidable adversaries, and delve into personal matters that blur the lines between professional and family life.

Whether it’s a wrongful conviction or a high-stakes corporate battle, get ready for legal drama infused with the show‘s signature comedic touch.

Harden and Astin shine as the oil-and-water duo, delivering performances with perfect comedic timing. Expect to see more from Madeline Wise as the ambitious associate Allison, Tristen J. Winger as the tech-savvy Lyle, and the rest of the Wright family.

New characters also join the fray, promising to add unexpected dimensions to the narrative.

While legal battles take center stage, the emotional core of the show lies in the family dynamic. Margaret and Todd navigate their evolving relationship, learning to appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

So Help Me Todd Soundtrack Season 2

Episode 1 Songs: Iceland Was Horrible – S02E01

  • Nothing From Nothing – Billy Preston

Episode 2 Songs: Your Day in Court – S02E02

Episode 3 Songs: The Queen of Courts – S02E03

  • Be My Baby – The Ronettes

Episode 4 Songs: Dial Margaret for Murder – S02E04

Episode 5 Songs: End on a High Note – S02E05

Episode 6 Songs: Is the Jury Out? – S02E06

Episode 7 Songs: Faux-Bituary – S02E07

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Music Series Soundtrack
So Help Me Todd Season 2 Soundtrack

The show’s music perfectly complements the lighthearted yet thrilling atmosphere. Expect upbeat pop tracks during Todd’s unconventional investigations, suspenseful scores for dramatic courtroom scenes, and heartfelt piano melodies for introspective moments.

The dynamic soundtrack enhances the emotional journey and keeps the energy flowing throughout each episode.

CBS Premiere Week: "So Help Me Todd"
So Help Me Todd Season 2 Soundtrack

Don’t miss the season premiere of CBSSo Help Me Todd” on February 15th! With its blend of legal drama, humor, and family dynamics, the show promises an entertaining and heartwarming escape. So, grab your popcorn, settle in, and prepare to be swept away by the charmingly chaotic world of Margaret and Todd Wright.

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