Road House Soundtrack (2024)
Road House Soundtrack (2024)

Road House Soundtrack. Movie Songs and music from and inspired by Road House OST. Road House soundtrack from the film.

“Road House”, the 2024 movie, is a contemporary remake of the iconic 1989 film of the same name. This action-packed thriller follows the story of a bouncer, played by a charismatic lead actor, who is hired to clean up a rowdy bar in a small town.

As he works to restore order, he uncovers a web of corruption and violence that threatens the community.

The cast of “Road House” (2024) features Jake Gyllenhaal as Elwood Dalton, Daniela Melchior as Ellie, Billy Magnussen as Ben Brandt, Jessica Williams as Frankie, Conor McGregor as Knox, and more.

The movie follows a former UFC middleweight fighter who becomes a bouncer at a roadhouse in the Florida Keys, uncovering hidden truths in the process. The film premiered on March 8, 2024, at South by Southwest and is set to be released by Amazon MGM Studios via Prime Video on March 21, 2024

Who composed the Road House Soundtrack?

Christophe Beck Soundtracks Composer
Christophe Beck Soundtracks Composer

The soundtrack, composed by a renowned music producer Christophe Beck, the esteemed Canadian composer, has established himself as a prominent figure in the music industry through his emotive and diverse compositions.

With a background in classical music and a strong foundation in film scoring, Beck has crafted scores for a wide range of projects, from television series like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to blockbuster films such as “Frozen” and “Ant-Man.”

His ability to evoke emotions and enhance storytelling on screen has garnered him critical acclaim and numerous awards, showcasing his talent for creating music that resonates with audiences on a profound level.

Road House 2024 Soundtrack List:

  • ‘Horsepower’ by Post Malone
  • ‘Ridin Around’ by Jelly Joseph
  • ‘You Got to Be a Man’ by Natalie Bergman & Friends
  • ‘Johnny Too Bad’ by Natalie Bergman & Friends
  • ‘I Love What You Do to Me’ by Natalie Bergman & Friends
  • ‘Kokomo’ by The Beach Boys
  • ‘Make Peace’ by Rastaleeves & Ruwanga Samarth
  • ‘Enter Sandman’ by Rina Sawayama
  • ‘Praise the Lord’ by Breland
  • ‘Keep on Smilin’ by Rockin’ Oopsie Jr. & The Zydeco Twisters
  • ‘I Got Loaded’ by Rockin’ Oopsie Jr. & The Zydeco Twisters
  • ‘You’ll Lose a Good Thing’ by Rockin’ Oopsie Jr. & The Zydeco Twisters
  • ‘What I Got’ by Jelly Joseph
  • ‘So Right’ by Max Silver & Rafa Carbonell
  • ‘Body Wan Shake’ by Fred Motif & Magugu
  • ‘Glass Key Highway Night’ by Paul Hsu & Jonathan Zalben
  • ‘Jukebox Songs’ by Tommy McLain
  • ‘Before I Grow Too Old’ by Tommy McLain
  • ‘Poke Chop’ by CC Adcock & The Lafayette Marquis
  • ‘Florida Thang’ by Pouya
  • ‘I’m Gonna Get You – Pt. 2’ by GC Cameron
  • ‘Island Candy’ by Ruwanga Samath
  • ‘Messy’ by Matt Allenn & Ruwanga Samath
  • ‘Bo’s Bounce’ by CC Adcock
  • ‘Sterlin’ All Day’ by CC Adcock and The Lafayette Marquis

In addition to its gripping plot and talented cast, “Road House” (2024) boasts a powerful soundtrack that enhances the film’s atmosphere and emotional impact.

Road House Music Movie Soundtrack (2024)
Road House Soundtrack (2024)

“Road House” (2024) promises to deliver an adrenaline-fueled cinematic experience that pays homage to the original while offering a fresh perspective on its timeless themes.

As soon the filmrelease, you’ll be able to listen to the complete soundtrack on platforms such as Apple MusicAmazon Music, and Spotify.

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Road House - Official Trailer | Prime Video
Road House Soundtrack (2024)

With its engaging plot, stellar cast, and evocative soundtrack, this modern adaptation is set to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression in the world of action cinema. Get ready for an exhilarating ride with “Road House” (2024).

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  1. The second song from the last on the ending credits has some great (Jerry Lee Lewis) piano on it and is a great Rock N Roll song.

    Anyone know the name of it?

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