French Girl Soundtrack (2024)
French Girl Soundtrack (2024)

French Girl Soundtrack. Movie Songs and music from and inspired by French Girl OST. French Girl soundtrack from the film.

“French Girl” is a 2024 movie that follows Gordon Kinski, a high school teacher from Brooklyn, who travels with his girlfriend and chef Sophie Tremblay to her hometown of Quebec City.

There, Sophie is testing for the Michelin 3-star restaurant of super-chef Ruby Collins. The film stars Vanessa Hudgens and Zach Braff, along with other talented actors like William Fichtner.

Zach Braff returns to romantic comedies in “French Girl,” portraying a romantic character striving to maintain his relationship despite challenges posed by a job offer that separates him from his girlfriend.

Directed by James A. Woods and Nicolas Wright, the film features a storyline where Gordon’s proposal plans are disrupted when Sophie is lured to Quebec by a job offer from her ex, a renowned celebrity chef.

Determined to keep their love alive, Gordon embarks on a journey to Quebec, facing humorous challenges in impressing Sophie’s French-speaking family.

The official trailer of “French Girl” give us a quick look into the storyline, showcasing the romantic and comedic elements of the film. Starring Zach Braff, Evelyne Brochu, Luc Picard, Antoine Olivier Pilon, Isabelle Vincent, Charlotte Aubin, Muriel Dutil, along with William Fichtner and Vanessa Hudgens, the movie promises an entertaining and engaging experience for viewers.

French Girl Movie Trailer Song

  • Better Each Day – NOBRO

French Girl Soundtrack List

  • For Me Formidable – Charles Aznavour
  • You’re The First, The Last My Everything – Barry White
  • Grand Affair – Franco Micalizzi
  • Dans les rues de Québec – Charles Trenet
  • Un musicien parmi tant d’autres – Hannonium
  • J’t’aime comme un fou – Robert Charlebois
  • Proud To Be Loud – Dead Green Mummies
  • L’amour est passé (When Love Has Passed You By) – Chantal Pary
  • Samba Tropical – Yannick Kalfayan, Franck Sarkissian
  • Jujube – Galaxie
  • Successive Mutations – Maylee Todd
  • She Couldn’t Wait to Be an Angel – Vanessa Hudgens
  • Tappy Feet – Paul Hart, Paolo Maddaloni, Tamba Campbell, Olli Soikkeli, Oscar Boone
  • Pour vivre ensemble – Chantal Pary
  • L’amour, l’amour, l’amour – Bon Entendeur & Mouloudji
  • Astral Vistas – Eric Lohrer
  • Laisse une chance à notre amour – Claude François
  • Montecarlo Mist – Andrew Dwight Levy, Jan Kincaid, Simon James Bartholomew
  • Wind Blows – Thomas Gallicani
  • Prado Cha Cha – Nico Fidenco, Pasquale Tassone
  • Gimme Soulshine – Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Sven Tore Erik Berglund
  • Get Out of My Way – Kyle Sherard Moormam
  • Le début d’un temps nouveau – Renée Claude

With Zach Braff taking on the role of a hopeless romantic in “French Girl,” the movie offers a refreshing take on love and relationships amidst cross-cultural dynamics. As Gordon navigates through unfamiliar territory in Quebec to win over Sophie’s family and keep their love alive, viewers can expect a mix of heartfelt moments and comedic situations that define this romantic comedy.

The film‘s premise sets the stage for an endearing story of love conquering obstacles in the face of unexpected challenges.

French Girl Music Movie Soundtrack (2024)
French Girl Soundtrack (2024) – Credits: People

“French Girl” not only marks Zach Braff’s return to rom-coms but also highlights Vanessa Hudgens’ talent in portraying Sophie Tremblay. The movie promises to deliver a blend of romance and comedy against the backdrop of Quebec City’s culinary world and cultural nuances.

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French Girl | Official Trailer - Vanessa Hudgens, Zach Braff | Paramount Movies
French Girl Soundtrack (2024)

As Gordon strives to bridge the gap between his Brooklyn roots and Sophie’s Quebecois heritage, audiences can look forward to an engaging narrative that explores themes of love, family, and personal growth.

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