Emilia Pérez Soundtrack (2024)
Emilia Pérez Soundtrack (2024)

Emilia Pérez Soundtrack. A 2024 movie directed and written by Jacques Audiard. Music from the film bellow.

Mexico, today. Overqualified and exploited, lawyer Rita is wasting her talents working for a large firm far better at whitewashing criminal garbage than serving justice.

But an unexpected way out appears, the sort of offers you can’t refuse : to help feared cartel boss Juan “Little Hands” Del Monte – aka Manitas – retire from his business and disappear forever. Manitas has a plan he’s been fine-tuning in secret for years : to become, at last, the woman he’s always dreamed of becoming. (IMDb)

Cast: Karla Sofía Gascón as Emilia Pérez / Juan “Small Hands” Del Monte, Selena Gomez as Jessi, Zoe Saldaña as Rita Moro Castro, Édgar Ramírez, Mark Ivanir, Adriana Paz, James Gerard, Shiraz Tzarfati, Agathe Bokja, Marie-Elisabeth Robert, Eric Geynes, Anabel Lopez, Eduardo Aladro, Line Phé

Genres: Comedy Crime Musical Thriller
Release Date: 28 August 2024

Emilia Pérez Soundtrack List

  • The music list will be added once the film premieres.

Score Composer: Clément Ducol (score) – Camille (songs)
Music Supervisor: Raphaëlle Dannus, Pierre-Marie Dru

Emilia Pérez Trailer

External Links: Vulture
Movie Distribution: Pathé
Production Companies: Why Not Productions, Page 114, Pimienta Films, France 2 Cinéma, Saint Laurent Productions

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