Cold Justice Season 7 Music
Cold Justice Season 7 Music

Cold Justice Season 7 Music. The seventh season of “Cold Justice” marked the series’ return to Oxygen after a successful revival. Former prosecutor Kelly Siegler, alongside a rotating team of seasoned investigators, continued their mission to breathe new life into unsolved homicides plaguing small towns across the United States.

Each episode presented a unique case, delving into the circumstances surrounding the victim’s life and the investigation’s trajectory thus far.

Combining the expertise of Siegler’s legal background and the investigators’ detective work, the team meticulously combed through evidence, conducted interviews with witnesses and potential suspects, and utilized advanced forensic techniques unavailable in the case’s initial investigation.

This season saw the familiar faces of detectives Steve Spingola and Tonya Rider join Siegler, along with the introduction of newcomer Abbey Abbondandolo.

Cold Justice Season 7 Soundtrack List

Episode 1 Songs

  • Before the Fall – Mikhail Galkin & Jay Anderson
  • For You – Bigger Story Music & Catherine Cleveland
  • You, in the Morning – Family Man

Episode 2 Songs

  • Don’t Invite Us In – Lana McDonagh, Wayne Anthony Murray, Andrew Michael Britton, Michael Edward Rowe
  • Sinner Or Saint – Lana McDonagh, Wayne Anthony Murray, Andrew Michael Britton & Michael Edward Rowe

Episode 3 Songs

Episode 4 Songs

  • Searching the song with the lyrics: You may have struggled you may have lied maybe you’re hopeless mixed up inside maybe there’s heaven and maybe there’s hell
  • Drown You Out – Darius Behdad & Adriana Stone

Episode 5 Songs

  • We are trying to find the name of the artist and the song at the beginning with the lyrics: “secrets that you keep as you keep me in the dark
  • Falter – James Fox

Episode 6 Songs

  • Shadows of a Man – Beth Whitney

Their collective experience and diverse skillsets proved invaluable in tackling the intricacies of these long-standing mysteries. As they navigated cold leads and re-examined overlooked details, the team uncovered new information and rekindled hope for the victims’ families.

Cold Justice Series Season 7 Music Soundtrack
Cold Justice Season 7 Music

“Cold Justice” season 7 captivated viewers with its blend of real-life investigative work and emotional storytelling. Witnessing the tireless efforts of the team as they pursued justice for the victims resonated deeply with the audience.

The season not only offered closure to some families but also served as a testament to the enduring power of perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

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Cold Justice Series Trailer

While the series concluded its seventh season, there has been no official announcement regarding a potential eighth season. However, considering the show’s continued popularity and unwavering commitment to seeking justice for the forgotten, there’s always a chance for “Cold Justice” to return and resume its impactful journey.

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