Boneyard Soundtrack (2024)
Boneyard Soundtrack (2024)

Boneyard Soundtrack (2024). An movie directed by Asif Akbar and starred by Mel Gibson and 50 Cent. Music from the film bellow.

After Police Chief Carter (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) discovers the remains of eleven women, FBI Special Agent Petrovick (Mel Gibson) is recruited to profile the serial killer responsible for the infamous “boneyard” killings. As the police force, narcotics agency, and FBI lock horns, a tangled web of intrigue turns everyone into a suspect.

Cast: Mel Gibson as Agent Petrovick, Curtis Jackson as Chief Carter, Brian Van Holt as Detective Ortega, Nora Zehetner as Detective Young, Gabrielle Haugh as Selena Weston Cage as Caesar Monto, Spice Williams-Crosby as Diane Cross

Release Date: July 5, 2024
Genres: Action Crime Drama Mystery Thriller

Boneyard Soundtrack List of Songs

  • Under Your Feet – Lisa
  • With Mine – William Jesse Gray
  • Two Big Holes – Kyle Martin
  • Country Air – Herman Beeftink
  • Stay With Me – Herman Beeftink
  • Make It Up – Puka-Nora Milton
  • With This – Kenny Glenn
  • Shin-Dig – Wes Coppola Cage
  • Street Fair Waltz – Herman Beeftink
  • Living Large – Herman Beeftink
  • Street Is – Kenny Glenn
  • Can You Hear Me? – Courtney Akbar
  • Boneyard (feat. Adam Zi) – Brandon Fenkiel

Score Composer: Andrew Morgan Smith
Music Supervisors: Sean Fernald, Neriya Tzabary

Boneyard (2024) Official Trailer - Brian Van Holt, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Mel Gibson
Boneyard Soundtrack (2024)

External Links: IMDb
Movie Distribution: Lionsgate
Production companies: Avail Entertainment Busy Day Productions Dream Team Productions FilmLens

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