As the Crow Flies Season 3 Soundtrack
As the Crow Flies Season 3 Soundtrack

As the Crow Flies Season 3 Soundtrack. The Netflix Turkish Kus Uçusu series is ready for new season. Songs Music from the show bellow.

Genre: Drama
Season 3 Release Date: April 11, 2024
Turkish Title: Kus Uçusu

While Gen X tries to keep up with adapting to the new world, social media, and new ways of business, they still are not aware of the bigger picture. The gap and the differences between both generations are undeniably strong.

Against this backdrop, we’ll follow Asli’s story who tries to fly as the crow instead of relying on the merit of hard work to be able to climb the stairs. The series will question whether Asli can win or lose with the methods of the new world, in order to reach the summit and be the most reputable person on the table. (IMDb)

Cast: Birce Akalay, Miray Daner, Ibrahim Celikkol, Irem Sak, Burak Yamantürk, Demircan Kacel, Defne Kayalar, Nejat Isler, Elif Kurtuaran, Merve Nil Güder, Sifanur Gül, Melih Selcuk, Laura Post, Bill Rogers.

As the Crow Flies Season 3 Soundtrack List, by episodes

Episode 1 Songs: S03E01

  • Live Is Life – Opus
  • Come Together – Blair Booth
  • Lonely – Sam Sklair
  • Saz mı Caz mı? – Çağla
  • Yaşıyorum Sil Baştan – Ari Barokas

Episode 2 Songs: S03E02

  • Brütüs – Ödül
  • Ada – Ödül
  • I Show You – 4TVmusic
  • Yolun Sounu – Toygar Işıklı

Episode 3 Songs: S03E03

  • Çirkin Dünya – Sena Şener

Episode 4 Songs: S03E04

  • I Wish – Marc A Dold & Stephanie Cecile Yavelow

Episode 5 Songs: S03E05

Episode 6 Songs: S03E06

Episode 7 Songs: S03E07

  • Yine Buluşuruz – Korhan Futacı, Kara Orkestra
  • In The Mood – Glenn Miller ans His Orchestra

Episode 8 Songs: S03E08

  • The Touch Of You – Modern Fear

Ay Yapim as series production company and Netflix as streaming platform.

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