American Rust Broken Justice Soundtrack (2024)
American Rust Broken Justice Soundtrack (2024)

American Rust Broken Justice Soundtrack (2024). “American Rust: Broken Justice” is the second season of the Prime Video crime drama series “American Rust”.

It delves back into the lives of the characters in the fictional Pennsylvania town of Buell, a Rust Belt community grappling with economic hardship and societal decay.

Picking up after the harrowing events of season one, Chief of Police Del Harris (played by Jeff Daniels) and Grace Poe (played by Maura Tierney) attempt to rebuild their lives.

However, the small town’s dark secrets and the weight of past choices continue to cast long shadows.

As seen in the trailer, the central conflict appears to revolve around Del’s moral dilemma. He is caught between his loyalty to the community and his pursuit of justice.

This struggle is likely to be further complicated by the arrival of new characters and the resurfacing of past traumas.

The series new season will premiere on March 28, 2024, on Amazon Prime Video.

American Rust Broken Justice Soundtrack, by episodes:

Episode 1 Songs

  • Evil Ways (Justice Mix) – Blues Saraceno (American Rust Broken Justice Trailer Music)
  • Can’t Let Go – Lucinda Williams
  • Old Heartbroke Blues – Joshua Hedley
  • Dreams – Kelsey Lu

Episode 2 Songs

  • Academy Fight Song – Mission of Burma
  • Make It Happen (feat. Kyra) – Playgroup
  • The Future’s Not What It Used To Be – Mickey Newbury

Episode 3 Songs

  • My Neck, My Back – Khia
  • To Beat the Devil – Kris Kristofferson

Episode 4 Songs

  • Try Again – Big Star

Episode 5 Songs

  • There There – Radiohead

Episode 6 Songs

Episode 7 Songs

  • White Wedding, Pt.1 – Billy Idol

Episode 8 Songs

  • Killing You, Killing Me – Jamestown Revival
  • Hunting or Hunted – Mike Murray
  • I Think We’re Alone Now – Tiffany
  • Killing You, Killing Me – Jamestown Revival

Episode 9 Songs

  • At Seventeen – Janis Ian (Karaoke Music)

Episode 10 Songs

  • Date Kate Jones (You Can’t) – Gymshorts
  • Waiting For You – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

“American Rust: Broken Justice” is expected to explore themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and the complexities of the American justice system.

American Rust Broken Justice Music Series Season 2Soundtrack
American Rust Broken Justice Soundtrack (2024) – Credits: Amazon Prime Video

It promises to be a compelling drama that delves into the human condition against the backdrop of a struggling Rust Belt town.

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American Rust: Broken Justice - Official Trailer | Prime Video
American Rust Broken Justice Soundtrack (2024)

If you enjoyed the Prime Video first season of “American Rust” and are interested in character-driven dramas that explore complex social issues, “Broken Justice” is definitely worth adding to your watchlist.

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