Alice & Jack Soundtrack
Alice & Jack Soundtrack

Alice & Jack Soundtrack. “Alice & Jack,” the romantic drama gracing Channel 4 and PBS screens, takes viewers on a captivating journey through a 16-year relationship.

Woven by the talented Victor Levin, this series is more than just a love story; it’s an exploration of resilience, growth, and the enduring power of connection.

At the heart of the narrative lies Alice, a career-driven woman carrying the weight of past trauma, and Jack, a charming scientist seeking solace in intellectual pursuits.

Their paths collide in a serendipitous encounter, sparking a connection that feels destined. However, Alice’s shadows threaten to engulf their budding romance, leading her to push Jack away.

Undeterred, Jack pursues other relationships, seeking the warmth and acceptance Alice seems unable to offer. Yet, their paths continue to intertwine, highlighting the undeniable pull they have on each other.

As episodes unfold, we witness them navigate life’s joys and tribulations, individually and together. Careers flourish, families evolve, and personal struggles surface, forcing them to confront their desires and vulnerabilities.

Through flashbacks and introspective moments, “Alice & Jack” delves into the characters’ internal landscapes. We understand Alice’s struggles with PTSD, the source of her fear of intimacy. Jack’s loneliness and yearning for connection come into focus, adding depth and empathy to his actions.

Who Composed the Alice & Jack Soundtrack?

Stephen Rennicks, a renowned Irish composer based in Dublin, has crafted captivating soundtracks for independent films and television for over two decades. He is particularly known for his collaborations with director Lenny Abrahamson, including the Emmy-nominated “Normal People” and the film “Frank,” where he composed a unique blend of pop and experimental rock music. Rennicks’ work has garnered him acclaim, including a British Independent Film Award for his musical achievements.

Alice & Jack (Original Score from the Serie)

  • 1. Opening (1:25)
  • 2. Meeting (1:44)
  • 3. Is It Always Like This (1:15)
  • 4. He Sees Her (2:02)
  • 5. That’s Better (1:43)
  • 6. Gallery and Aftermath (2:47)
  • 7. Toast Piano Waltz (0:33)
  • 8. Film Lecture (0:53)
  • 9. Marry Me (2:57)
  • 10. At Funeral (3:43)
  • 11. Cliff Walk (0:33)
  • 12. I’m Eating Lots (0:37)
  • 13. Holding Hands (1:29)
  • 14. You’re Great (2:41)
  • 15. End of Beginning (3:14)
  • 16. Invitation (1:35)
  • 17. Wedding (0:42)
  • 18. Alice Is Gone (1:20)
  • 19. Oil Bubble (0:55)
  • 20. Sell Sell Sell (2:48)
  • 21. Six Years Later (1:22)
  • 22. All I’ve Got (0:58)
  • 23. Ballet Piano Waltz (1:57)
  • 24. Clinic Arrival on Bike (0:47)
  • 25. Cuba Cab (1:07)
  • 26. Lecture Piano (1:19)
  • 27. Gamboling (3:34)
  • 28. Ending Piano (1:43)
  • 29. Grave Chat (1:30)
  • 30. Dying (1:19)
  • 31. Laying Out (1:46)
  • 32. Cuba Meeting (1:50)
  • 33. Buried (3:10)

Alice & Jack Songs: Episode 1

  • Opening – Stephen Rennicks
  • Meeting – Stephen Rennicks
  • Is It Always Like This – Stephen Rennicks
  • He Sees Her – Stephen Rennicks

Alice & Jack Songs: Episode 2

  • At Funeral – Stephen Rennicks
  • Gamboling – Stephen Rennicks
  • Holding Hands – Stephen Rennicks
  • You’re Great – Stephen Rennicks
  • End Of Beginning – Stephen Rennicks

Alice & Jack Songs: Episode 3

  • Wedding – Stephen Rennicks
  • Blind – Hercules & Love Affair
  • Opening – Stephen Rennicks

Alice & Jack Songs: Episode 4

  • Six Years Later – Stephen Rennicks

Alice & Jack Songs: Episode 5

  • Cuba Cab – Stephen Rennicks
  • Ending Piano – Stephen Rennicks

Alice & Jack Songs: Episode 6

  • Cuba Meeting – Stephen Rennicks
  • Tonada De Luna Llena – Simón Diaz
  • Buried – Stephen Rennicks

Alice & Jack Music Series Soundtrack
Alice & Jack Soundtrack

The series excels in its nuanced portrayal of love. It’s not a fairytale romance, but a realistic exploration of love’s complexities.

Theirs is a love that endures distance, misunderstandings, and individual growth. It’s a love that evolves, sometimes falters, but ultimately refuses to be extinguished.

Alice & Jack Trailer | Andrea Riseborough, Domhnall Gleeson, Aimee Lou Wood, Aisling Bea | Channel 4
Alice & Jack Soundtrack

With its performances by Andrea Riseborough and Domhnall Gleeson, captivating storytelling, and insightful exploration of human emotions, “Alice & Jack” is a must-watch for anyone seeking a poignant and relatable love story. It reminds us that love, in its true form, transcends time and challenges, leaving a lasting impression on our hearts and lives.

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  1. what was the Cuban song played in Episode 6?
    The fundamental belief of all religions – that there is a life hereafter. We have all or will experience the loss of a loved one and we cannot bear the thought of nothingness, so we embrace the notion that something transcends mortality. I have even transcribed on the grave of a much-loved cat, “Until we are together again.” That is the message, We will meet again.
    Absolutely involved in this series, watched several times to extract the last nuances of meaning, the almost soundless messages beneath the silence. I just wish I knew what the Cuban song lamented.

  2. What was the song being played after Jack’s speech at the pre-wedding party? It’s captivating but I can’t who the artist is.

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