57 Seconds Soundtrack (2023)
57 Seconds Soundtrack (2023)

57 Seconds Soundtrack. In the 2023 science fiction thriller “57 Seconds,” a tech blogger named Brian (played by Josh Hutcherson) stumbles upon a life-altering discovery. During an interview with a tech guru, Brian intervenes and prevents an assassination attempt. As a reward, the grateful guru gifts Brian a mysterious ring that holds an extraordinary power: the ability to travel back in time by 57 seconds.

Fueled by a desire for revenge against the powerful corporation that destroyed his family, Brian begins using the ring to manipulate past events.

57 Seconds Soundtrack List

  • Maybe – Cherone
  • Bad Mice – 2 Bad Mice
  • Creepin – Cade Ellis
  • Hit the Cup (Radio Edit) – Aykay
  • Extract – Green Tolek
  • 2nd Reality OST – Purple Motion
  • All This Time – David Luning
  • Change Has Gotta Come – Elijah Honey
  • Can’t Hold Me Down – Torrance Klein, Ray Williams, Weston Wilson
  • Say You Do – Randy Louise
  • Ooo – Off Task
  • Power is Money – Torrance Klein, Ray Williams, Weston Wilson
  • Going Down – Jesika Von Rabbit

57 Seconds (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

  • The Undercover Journalist 0:44
  • Running Late 0:33
  • An Extra Triband 1:40
  • Who and Why 1:34
  • Expo Infiltrated 2:36
  • Lost Ring Found 1:40
  • Repeatedly Towed 0:47
  • Nataline 2:15
  • The Call from Burrell 0:46
  • The Board Meeting 4:58
  • Confronting Sig at Home 5:41
  • Boy Scout 1:00
  • Intel from Renee 1:50
  • Where the Ferrari Goes 1:00
  • You’re a Hypocrite 2:18
  • Reverse Dive 2:46
  • Play the Game (Was That So Hard) 4:15
  • Jala 1:12
  • The Tarmac 2:23
  • There’s Not Enough Time 1:59
  • Offer Still Stands 1:36
  • A New Future 0:43
  • All This Time (David Luning) 3:09

      He revisits critical moments, attempting to rewrite history and prevent the tragedy. However, as Brian delves deeper into the world of time manipulation, he soon realizes the consequences are far more complex and dangerous than he ever imagined.

      57 Seconds Music Movie Soundtrack (2023)
      57 Seconds Soundtrack (2023)

      The film stars Josh Hutcherson, known for his roles in “The Hunger Games” franchise, as the lead protagonist Brian. Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman portrays the enigmatic tech guru who gifts Brian the time-altering ring. The supporting cast includes talented actors like Greg Germann and Erinn Hayes.

      Who is the composer for 57 Seconds Soundtrack?

      While the film‘s core focus lies on the sci-fi elements and Brian’s journey, the soundtrack also plays a crucial role in building the atmosphere. Composed by Nathan Furst, the score blends suspenseful and thrilling elements with a touch of electronica, perfectly complementing the film’s fast-paced narrative and the high stakes Brian faces with each time jump.

      57 Seconds Trailer #1 (2023)
      57 Seconds Soundtrack (2023)

      Released in September 2023, “57 Seconds” offers a thought-provoking exploration of time travel, its potential benefits, and the devastating consequences that can unfold when messing with the delicate fabric of time.

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